ponds cold cream cleanser/makeup remover review and overall verdict

Ponds is one such brand which I have been using over the years, specifically its their activated charcoal face wash and moisturizer which I love. As I have a true relationship with this brand , I picked up their much hyped cold cream cleanser which claims to be a gentle deep cream cleanser and makeup remover.  Cleansing plays such a vital role in skin care,  our skin stops breathing when makeup is applied therefore its important to use a cleanser which effectively removes every inch of  makeup .  Did the ponds cold cleanser worked as per its claims ? Read below to find out.


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Happiness is trying new  a  eye shadow palette,Yes heard it right ! This phrase is coming solely from yours truly makeup lover. My excitement  was on another level when I got my hands on the Anastasia Beverly hills prism eye shadow palette , believe it or not this is my first ever time trying their eye shadows , ever since Prism was launched I wanted to get  my hands on it even though their infamous modern renaissance  palette was an option or their recent soft glam but still prism attracted me as the colors were spot on everything you need. .I guess I should stop gushing right here and move on to the review .. So read below to find out..


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loreal paris voluminous superstar mascara review and overall verdict

Nothing  beats  the effect of a good  mascara on our lashes, it simply leaves our eyes appear more attractive. This is one of those makeup products which is on my top priority in my ride or die makeup list. L’Oreal is one of those high street brand which is known for their variety of mascara’s , previously I was obsessed with their carbon black mascara , reviewed here. As my experience was pretty good  I immediately got my hands on their voluminous superstar mascara which is quite hyped among influencers .  Read below to find out how it worked for me..


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Makeup haul

If you are some one who is a hardcore makeup lover like me then you know that feeling of happiness when you see new makeup . So I wasn’t planning on a makeup haul until I came to know that my folks are  going to visit the world of makeup which is United states, therefore I had to keep my makeup list ready. As always do let me know if you need a certain product review among these, Price of  each  products will be mentioned, Read below to find out…


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Birthday Giveaway !

Hey lovelies ! Its my birthday today and i have been deciding this giveaway for a while, its really special giveaway as i have ordered all the products by myself just for you all. As a self confessed makeup lover, i like giving away products which i personally prefer. Hope you all like this giveaway as much as i do ❤ However please make sure to follow all the rules as stated below and as always i want to mention that this is not my last giveaway i will be hosting more giveaways in future so please don’t be sad if you dint get lucky this time. ❤


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The ordinary high adherence silicon primer review and overall verdict

A vital step in a complete makeup process is a primer , it might not add coverage but is highly important as it can make or break your look. Personally I do like using primers only on  the days when I want my makeup to last longer. The word primer in makeup dictionary is known for keeping our makeup intact for longer amount of time .My review revolves around a silicon primer from the brand ordinary which is famous for its skin care, I have been lately seeing the hype around this brand in every platform. The beauty of this brand is that their  products are formulated clinically , paraben free and are available in budget friendly rates. Read below to find out more about this primer…..


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Glamego subscription box/ APRIL/ UNBOXING AND REVIEW

If you have been following me for a while then you might know by now that the only subscription box which I have been loving these days is none other than Glamego which is known as India’s number 1 subscription box. So this month glamego came out with summer skin care edition box which contains beauty products that are apt for Summers . As summer is all about bright colors , Glamego left no stone unturned with their uber cool packaging which screamed summer !!  Read below to find out more details about this month Glamego box…


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Schwarzkopf gliss hair repair conditioner review and Overall verdict

It’s that time of the year when our hair gives us a tough time here I am referring to the current humid hot weather .Conditioner is one such product which can help during these days as they increase moisture levels in our hair thereby making it more manageable and frizz free, as I was searching for one I came across Schwarzkopf  gliss hair repair conditioner which claimed to repair damaged hair ! I have an oily scalp with occurrence of dandruff, as Schwarzkopf is a well-known professional hair care brand I purchased it immediately. I have been using it for a while now, read below to find out how it worked for me..


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How to : Build a perfect beginner makeup kit

We all are currently living in the makeup era which is being loved for every reason,But if you are someone who is slowly leaning your interest towards makeup and is getting intrigued about products and its usages then I can tell you initially it can be really confusing.  A basic confusion could be usage and selection of right products , most people have a misconception  that only expensive or high end makeup  can help you achieving a certain makeup look but in reality its  not true if you are a beginner then opting for drugstore makeup  is always a smart choice . Following post will guide a starter to build the perfect beginner  makeup kit , recommendations of the products are given too read more to find out..


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