Hair sanjeevani hair growth regime kit review and overall verdict

Do you believe in Good hair days ? Well I do and I strive to achieve it on daily basis. Usually we neglect our hair due to our busy schedules , the most important product  with which you can strengthen and nourish you hair is a good hair oil and shampoo. A suitable hair oil when applied can literally transform your hair to next level, additionally hair oil can also fasten the process of hair growth. My review today is about a hair growth regime kit by the brand  hair sanjeevani, I have been using this kit since months now, read below to find out my thoughts about it…


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Dot & Key Zit zapping serum and underarm detox and color correction mask review and overall verdict

Adding new skin care products in your skin care regimen can sometimes take a toll on your skin or can make your skin better. We all are aware that generally a skin care routine means cleansing followed by any moisturizer, often we don’t notice people adding a serum to their  routine . A serum is equally important like a moisturizer, a serum has lighter consistency ,  it penetrates deep into our skin and   targets concerned areas more effectively. As we are talking about serums, recently I was sent products from the brand known as DOT AND KEY – I tried their Zit zapping skin clarifying face serum and Underarm detox and color correction mask . Read below to find out my thoughts on these..


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PIXI Glow Tonic Kit Review and overall veridict #Pixiglowstory

A proper skin care regimen is quite vital , sometimes its actually hard to crack about the products which are suitable for our skin.  We often get hyped up about trying a new skin care product but they are times where we end up irritating our skin , also with skin care its vital to give some time to  judge the products in order to see the difference. A month and a half ago I received an amazing PR package from PIXI , I was definitely  over the moon as the PR package was all about their  Glow story collection which included a glow tonic cleansing gel, glow tonic toner , glow tonic serum, phenomenal gel and on the go moisture stick. I immediately started in cooperating these in my regimen , but did all these products worked on my skin ? read below to find out….


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Plum green tea clear face mask review and overall verdict

Usage of a good face mask every week helps to rejuvenate our skin ,  I personally prefer face masks over sheet masks as I really like the effect which a face masks provides. Green tea is a known powerful antioxidant ingredient that helps in treating acne and unclogging pores,  my skin is oily acne prone and I am always in search of products with great ingredients . Plum is a well known skin care brand  which creates paraben free vegan skin care products , I have heard a lot of people raving about  their Green tea clear face mask , so I had to try it out. Read below to find out how it worked for me…


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Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte’s Review , swatch and overall verdict

Lipstick is always a good idea is a quote which I have heard of and is certainly true, who doesn’t love a good lipstick. If you all follow me on instagram then you might know I have recently become a gerard cosmetics affiliate and the brand was kind enough to send me some of their amazing products. Its huge thing for me to get noticed from brands like gerard cosmetics  , my excitement had to be on another level.  Gerard cosmetics hydra mattes have always been talk of beauty community, they are quite raved about , I did get to try these and wanted to share my thoughts , read below to find out more…


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suganda white lotus moisturizer review and overall verdict

Hey everyone , yes I agree its been  a while since I have written any review on my blog  but now I am back and have several reviews to share with you all. Around a month and half ago a brand named suganda was kind enough to send me their white lotus moisturizer for review purpose. My excitement was on another level when I received this product as it claims to be suitable for oily skin .  The white lotus moisturizer is currently one of the hyped product of the brand , I did in cooperate this  moisturizer in  my skin care regimen  but did it actually work on my oily acne prone skin? Read below to find out..


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Cipla saslic DS foaming face wash review and overall verdict

Acne is a word which daunts us so much and we all are always in search of  products which would  just vanish that  big red puss A.K.A acne from our face,  its actually human nature . Being blessed with oily acne prone skin I have been in situations where I  did fell  for certain skin care products which claimed to be magical but dint work for me. Over the years I have realized that when it comes to acne , products with acne targeted ingredients only works in reality and moreover dealing with acne in a more patient and sensible way actually worked for me. Here I am referring acne ingredient known as salicylic acid, I have been using this ingredient for my acne in the form of  a foaming face wash from cipla since a while now, read below to find out my experience with this product…


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BOTOX® Cosmetic – The Worthiest treatment for beautiful skin

Whether you want to look beautiful or improve the looks of your face, you can always use the most incredible and fantastic BOTOX® Cosmetic. It is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles to improve the looks and eliminating forehead lines. People choose it to remove crow’s feet lines as well as frown lines between the eyebrows. This helps them to look young, appealing and charming. Some people may experience discomfort, but it is normal and cannot stay for long. In other words, it is quite an ideal treatment to look beautiful

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Battle of beauty : Stila liquid shadows v/s swiss beauty liquid shadows

Earlier I did start battle of beauty series with an intention to present to you all a clear comparison between two such products which are similar terms of many categories but quite different in terms of price, basically this post is going to be an in depth comparison of much hyped stila liquid shadows with a relatively less popular brand known as swiss beauty , I have been using stila liquid shadows since a while now and I love them a lot however recently I came across swiss beauty liquid shadows which appeared quite similar like stila liquid shadows ,therefore my curiosity level was high and I picked up two swiss beauty liquid shadows …. Read below to find out more…


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