Travel with urby

Although I know I am being busy these days and quite behind with reviews but I do have a reason for that as I just took a short trip out of my city and  traveled with urby for the first time. Well  for anyone wondering  urby is a brand which provides luxury lifestyle essentials, when I came across their website I was happy to find number of options under travel section . We all know the importance of passport in our life, as I had already planned to travel I selected  a passport holder  from urby .


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Fenty beauty pro filter foundations 230 and 240 review, swatch and overall verdict

In  makeup world, a product like foundation can make or break your whole look . As makeup lovers might be aware that year 2018 was all about skin , as in brands were all about launching range of foundations, concealers and loose powders. Not to forget the iconic launch of fenty brand by Rihanna was also launched , this brand definitely took a storm all over the makeup community . Its such a hyped foundation and I guess I am quite late in the bandwagon, but yeah i finally got my hands on the fenty beauty pro filter foundation , read below to find out my review on this….


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Beauty big bang review

Makeup always excites me ,  and nothing beats the feeling of getting a good quality product at an amazing price.  As we are talking about makeup at a great price , current review is all about beauty big bang which  is a global online retailer for all things beauty, including cosmetics, nails, hair, health care and so on. Its motto is ‘Make a bigbang of beauty, you’re the beauties’. The company is committed to provide a wide range of trendy and high quality beauty collections at best price. I recently got a chance to shop from their website , read below to find out more…


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Vatenn italy products review, swatch and overall verdict

While we all know that new year has begun , Woohoo ! We see a lot of people making resolutions / Goals for the year but being a makeup lover I can safely say that my mind resolution always relates to makeup which means that for me its  New year= New makeup!! And as I say new makeup , this blog post is all about a brand which has just launched in India known as Vatenn Italy . I have been testing out their products for a while now , read below to find out my more about them..


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Re’equil product reviews

Hola everyone !  The current unpredictable weather here had taken a toll on my sensitive skin, it was in September when my skin started breaking out with  cystic acne’s on my cheeks [ The big brother of normal acne I would say ], My skin is quite sensitive and acne prone therefore I am really cautious about the products I apply on daily basis . Fast forward to December, my skin status is quite well than before  and the only products which I added to my skin care routine were from reequil . So read below to find out my experience with reequil …


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Winter skin care with Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion

2018 has almost passed in  a blink and  that time of the year has arrived where  our skin gives us a tough time , I am blessed with oily skin but during winter season my skin tends to get dry and dehydrated .  During this season it becomes vital to switch to a moisturizing lotion which provides effective results to your skin , Aveeno is one of those brands which is known for  developing effective products  and is often recommended by skin care specialists  . I have been using Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion for a while now , read below to find out my experience about it ……


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Fashion is all about representing yourself , Each individual can have their own sense of style fearlessly  .  As we are talking about fashion here , how about taking an individual’s fashion to next level via online shopping at fashionMe We women are always in search for latest trends , Fashion ME is one stop destination where you can find   the trendiest tops, beach wear, jeans , dresses ,accessories, Jewelry, outer wear  for women. This online site keep your styling stress sussed as its collection takes inspiration from modern independent women.


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Nykaa skin genius concealer and corrector palettes review, swatch and overall verdict

Nykaa not only as an online website but also as a brand is currently on a roll with their launches , few months ago they launched their skin genius concealer palettes which actually appeared quite similar to MAC concealer palettes . They have introduced four palettes which also includes a corrector palette . I got my hands on the shade light 01 and the corrector palette . Read below to find out my thoughts on these..

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Sephora contour palette review, swatch and overall verdict

The idea of contouring and highlighting in the makeup world has lately been such  a hit , its not a new trend or anything but is definitely a game changer .Earlier for me it’s  bronzing which would complete my whole makeup look , contouring I felt was  little time consuming step in makeup and is definitely not necessary .However being a self-confessed makeup lover now I had to try the whole contouring process and  I purchased the Sephora contour palette for the same , did it work for me ? read below to find out…


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