How to make your makeup last longer



We all love to apply makeup , and when its on fleek who would not  love the look to last long. Any individual make’s sure that her makeup stays at place for a long time without any touch ups  , it’s a just a bonus for a makeup lover when her makeup intensity is not faded even after long hours . Right products and some tips would help your makeup game to stay on  from A.m to P.m .

1] Cleansing:-

Its important to  create a smooth canvas before any application of products . Start by applying a cleansing face wash then  exfoliate your skin with a scrub infused face wash . It makes your skin glowing and fresh which would also help your makeup stay.

2] Moisturize :-

Use your favorite moisturizer , dab the moisturizer all over your face as it helps to make your skin soft , dewy and smooth plus helps the foundation to blend easily .

3] Face Primer :-

Most important ingredient to make your make up last longer  is a primer . A Primer will ensure that your makeup stays for  a long time plus it minimizes the visibility of pores as it tightens the pores which will prevent oiliness all day . We do not need to loads of primer , just a pea size on problematic oily areas . Make primer as a key step in your makeup and you will be left with makeup all day long .Some of the good primers easily available in india are

Colorbar perfect match primer – It’s a gel based primer which is great for everyone as it easily mattifies your face and helps your makeup to stay for a long time.

Loreal base magique primer – It’s a cream based primer which will leave your skin glowy and smooth plus will help to make your makeup stay long .

 benifit porefesional primer :- One of most raved about primer, it definitely helps to keep your foundation intact all day .



4] Right Base makeup:-

Correct application of foundation is also a vital part for makeup to stay. Its always a good idea to use only little amount of foundation and blend blend blend . Using lots of foundation can make the appearance heavy and cakey .Start by little amount and blend evenly till neck by a brush or a beauty blender , slowly build up the coverage if required . Blend seamlessly    to achieve an anti cakedup look and also to make your foundation last long . Use right products to achieve a long lasting effect .Some of the long wearing foundations are

–         Loreal true match – It last upto 10 -12 hours and provides medium buildable coverage and leaves your face dewy and perfect

–         Loreal 24hours infallible foundation–  Super long lasting high coverage foundation which blends easily

–         Revlon colorstay foundation – Medium to high coverage foundation which has amazing longevity as well

–         M.A.C studio fix  fluid foundation– M.A.C foundations are long lasting and provides high coverage .

–   Few more recommendations :-bobby brown skin finish foundation, estee lauder double wear foundation, makeup forever HD foundation.

It’s always a better idea to invest in good base makeup.


Use a concealor which is according to your skin, for oily skin its always better to use  liquid concealor  or cream to powder concealors  as they glide easily without settling on fine lines . As for dry skin its better to use lightweight liquid concealor  or smooth cream concealor they have least tendency to flake out plus provides coverage. Stick concealors which are smooth can be used to but sometimes they tend to be heavy too .Use a supreme concealor  to get long lasting coverage.


Not a new word in makeup game but surely an effective technique to make your makeup last long . Once your base makeup is done , its always better to set the necessary areas by a  mattifying translucent or a pressed powder . One should not use loads of powder as it makes your skin appear dry . A Translucent powder always works well for baking. Apply the powder under your eyes  and the highlighted area’s ,leave it for a 1 or 2 minutes and then brush it out . This is the apt technique used for setting your under eye after application of concealor  .


5]Eyeshadow primer :-

Coming to our eyes which is of course our favorite part of makeup . It usually happens with many people that no matter what eyeshadows or kohl you apply after few hours their intensity tends to get low or they start creasing. An eyeshadow primer is specifically  designed for our eyes as it works perfectly for the  long lasting effect. Earlier I used a concealor for this purpose but after using an eyeshadow primer I could see the difference of a] Colors popping out more and b] Superb long lasting effect . One can also use cream eyeshadows underneath as they work well too . M.A.C paint ponts  are amazing for creating a amazing canvas for our eyes they even have the ability to make your eyeshadows pop out more  plus helps the eye makeup last longer .



6]Makeup setting spray:-

Give a final touch to  your makeup by sprinkling setting spray all over your face to avoid the   makeup to spread . The best things about a setting spray is that they can be used pre and post makeup . If you use pre makeup it acts as an amazing primer plus post makeup it gives you airbrush look which will last long without any ‘touch ups’.

-M.A.C fix plus is an amazing setting spray

-Makeup revolution pro fix setting spray is a  cheaper alternative which works the same way.

So give your skin the 100watt airbrush finish which will last all day .






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