Clinique lash doubling mascara review and overall verdict

A simple touch of  a  mascara on the lashes has the ability to transform the eye make up. I personally love the effect  which a good mascara provides, it just gives a drastic change to  the whole look  .As much as I love clinique for their amazing skin care range, I also adore their makeup products. Recently I purchased its   lash doubling mascara lets see how it worked for me.



What it claims:-

A lash-thickening mascara for bigger, better lashes. This mascara magnifies lashes to twice their size. The transfer-resistant formula thickens and the unique tapered brush grabs every lash.  Ophthalmologist tested.

Packaging /Wand description  :-

Clinique lash doubling mascara comes in traditional grey colored  tube with metallic silver wand cap, the brand name and  description is written with silver font. The wand is tapering in shape with pointed edge. The size of the brush is neither tiny nor big, it’s quite appropriate enough for grip. I liked the shape of the wand as the application of mascara on upper and lower lashes is quite easy with it. Overall the whole packaging looks  good.

Price :-

INR 1650/-


At clinique stores  and online at amazon.





My take on this product:

The clinique lash doubling mascara is one of those mascara’s which on application picks the right amount of mascara , separates each lashes and provides decent length. It does claims to be a lash thickening mascara, but I felt that it just helps in providing good length but not amazing volume. This mascara has a little wet formula, it beautifully coats the lashes from top to tip without flaking. The color is pitch black . It also claims to be transfer resistant which is true, it does not make the eye lashes clumped even after 2 to 3 coats and neither feels heavy on the lashes which is quite amazing. The only downside is that it does not provide dramatic fluttery lashes , it just lengths our lashes and makes it look more defined and natural.

Its’ not a waterproof mascara and can be easily removed with makeup remover.  Also do not expect lots of volume through this mascara, just a single coat can provide even length and well defined lashes.



Overall verdict:-

If you are searching for a mascara which looks quite natural and can be flaunted everyday then the clinique lash doubling mascara is a good choice. Its clump free transfer resistant formula and amazing wand will help to provide defined lashes in no time. I am using it as my daily go to mascara .

Rating :-



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