Top 10 budget friendly makeup products for College Girls.

Hello everyone…As you know College days are quite fun and every girl wants to look perfect and  presentable in campus but at the same time  don’t want to spend too much time in getting ready, so today I have come up with a list of 10 must have affordable basic easily available  makeup products for college girls which can also be an inexpensive makeup starter kit .Please  read further to know more about them because they will help you to create a go-to everyday look plus   won’t burn  your pocket …


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Vega PB15 Brush Review and Overall verdict

A perfect eye makeup is one which is blended to the core and to achieve it  brushes plays a vital role. Right tools with correct usage can amp up your makeup game easily. Vega is a popular Indian brand which provides affordable face, eye and hair tools. For a makeup fanatic like me one can never get enough of makeup brushes even though I own same kind of brushes still I tend to buy brushes from different brands . The main reason behind the purchase of vegapb15 was its promising similar appearance like a MAC224 brush , let’s see how it turned up quality and application wise …img_3660

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The Liebster Award !!

You know your work is going on good when you get nominated for Liebster Award [an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers] !! Yaayy ❤ My sweet fellow blogger friend Msmeehnia nominated me and I  feel so  content right now . I would like to mention that she encouraged me a lot by nominating me for this award, I still believe that I am a fresher in this field but in less time getting recognition is truly unbelievable. I  want to thank all my followers for the constant appreciation, love and support without you all this could not have been possible. [  Hugs and kisses ❤ ]

Thank you  Msmeehnia again, love you extra ❤liebster-blog-award

For those of you who are wondering what liebster award let me write it for you..

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Top 5 Foundation Picks

Hello beauties..I hope you all are  doing well.Today I am listing down  top 5 foundations for all of you because as we know foundation is an essential makeup product in our vanity  used to get flawless picture perfect skin.Now there are wide range of foundations available in the market like air- brush effect,satin finish,high coverage, Matte,water-based etc.. and we often get confused between them . In this article i am listing down 5  best foundations  , read on to know more about them..


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Himalaya Herbals Skin care Essentials Review and Overall Verdict

Who all loves to pamper their  skin? I know I do ; Following a strict skin care regimen is quite vital in current lifestyle as our skin is sensitive and an apt regimen can delay the signs of aging plus helps to make our skin appear healthy . I have oily skin and for me skin care essentials are like my oxygen, I do prefer sensitive formulations on my skin and for that nothing can beat herbal products . Himalaya is quite known for providing us herbal skin care products; I have used Himalaya neem  face pack  which worked quite well on my skin but this is the first time I tried their lotion, face  cream and anti acne gel facewash let see how they  worked on my skin …


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Revlon Retro red 004 lipstick review, swatch and Overall Verdict

The true power of a red lipstick can never be underestimated; a simple red lipstick has the ability to amplify the whole look.  One  can never have enough  of lipsticks , although I find  shades of pinks  to be safer for my  lips but once in a while there is no harm in moving out of the comfort zone . I intended to buy a pink or coral shade for myself but as soon as my eyes caught the Revlon retro red 004 Lipstick from their super lustrous range I could not resist. This range from Revlon includes four finishes — crème, matte, pearl, and shine — and is available in 82 vibrant shades. I am an all time matte finish lover therefore picked up the retro red, let’s see how it showed on my lips…


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E.L.F Contouring blush and Bronzing powder Review, Swatch and Overall Verdict

Seasons may come and leave but my love for bronzers, highlighters and blush will always be alive [ Makeup Fanatic Problem]. I absolutely admire makeup products which adds a perfect definition to the face. A sweep of rouge and bronzer over the cheeks is the surest way to add warmth to overall look. As we are talking about my craze for makeup, lets jump into my purchase which is E.L.F cosmetics contouring  blush and bronzing powder duo in ST.Lucia. I have used eye shadows and primers from elf and totally loved it as they provide  friendly price tag with quality products. I have heard that this duo is dupe for Nars  orgasm blush and  laguna bronzer, therefore purchased it. Let’s see how it turned up…


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Aloe Vera gel for skin – 6 benefits

Aloe Vera gel is famous for its phenomenal  hydrating, soothing and moisturizing abilities. The aloe Vera plant is A.K.A “Plant of immortality” as it has amazing healing and nourishing properties .  Nobody loves to compromise with their precious skin and for its care one can never underrate natural products. A solution for acne-free skin, Dry skin and a fighter against ageing skin, aloe Vera has always been a go-to ingredient for everyone who wishes for radiant healthy looking skin.



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Maybelline clear glow BB cream Review , swatch and Overall verdict

Introduction of BB creams A.K.A bright benefit or blemish balm in India has made our life easier, specifically for people like me who do not like the idea of wearing foundation on daily basis.  BB creams are similar to tinted moisturizers and for me both are same, here’s why- They have a no fuss application like any other creams and once applied they provide an even coverage and are light weight.  The best part about these creams is that they have SPF and other beneficial properties incorporated in them.  Maybelline has introduced the clear glow bb cream in two variants one in stick form and other in liquid cream form, They are available  in 3 different skin shades namely, Nude, Natural and Radiance. I picked up the shade radiance as it’s the closet match to my skin shade, let see how it worked for me



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