Neutrogena Deep clean blackhead eliminating cooling toner review and overall verdict

My love for makeup and skin care is equal. When you are a makeup fanatic, it becomes quite essential to take care of the  skin as it  needs to breath.  Proper diet and right products as per skin type is the key to get flawless. I use to never include toner in my routine, but ever since have started using a toner I could see a difference in my skin. Toners are quite beneficial for our skin as it removes the excess dirt and helps to open clog pores. I have oily skin with heavy occurrence of black heads, so therefore purchased the Neutrogena deep clean  black head eliminating toner and the main  reason behind this was  A] It claims to be a skin smoothening  toner and B] Its  made specifically for eliminating  black head. Let’s see how it worked on my skin.



Neutrogena  deep clean black head eliminating cooling toner comes in white cylindrical bottle with a yellow flip open cap which has  mini hole in the middle  in order to obtain  the proper amount . The cap is pretty tight if not closed properly can cause leakage. The brand name is written with black font and all the directions of usage with ingredients are written  on the back side of the bottle. Overall packaging looks nice and is travel friendly.

Price :-

INR 340/-

Availability :-

Online or at Neutrogena.


My take on the product:-

People who are blessed with acne prone skin /Oily skin, it’s always recommended for them to use right products basically the products which will suit the skin. I personally love Neutrogena for their skin care range. This toner has water like texture with a strong medicinal smell which vanishes after sometime. Here’s how I used .-

I cleansed my face first with a face wash then moistened the cotton pad with toner and dabbed it all over my  face specifically concentrated acne prone area and  blackheads. I could see my cotton pad with some leftover dirt, which was fine as that’s what a toner does. The best part about this toner was that it dint give any burning sensation, in fact it provided a soothing effect on my skin . However   I would not suggest using this toner during the day light due to presence of salicylic acid as it may irritate the skin. I did use it for a couple of weeks and could notice that my blackheads and pores are less visible. It provides an instant cooling effect on the skin and makes one’s skin oil free.

Overall verdict:-

Neutrogena has done amazing job like always by creating this mild toner. It deep cleans the skin , gives a cooling effect, makes blackheads less visible and is apt for oily acne prone skin .  This toner has become my holy grail skin care product and I would recommend this toner for oily skin  beauties as its non comedogenic as well.

Rating :-



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