Aloe Vera gel for skin – 6 benefits

Aloe Vera gel is famous for its phenomenal  hydrating, soothing and moisturizing abilities. The aloe Vera plant is A.K.A “Plant of immortality” as it has amazing healing and nourishing properties .  Nobody loves to compromise with their precious skin and for its care one can never underrate natural products. A solution for acne-free skin, Dry skin and a fighter against ageing skin, aloe Vera has always been a go-to ingredient for everyone who wishes for radiant healthy looking skin.



Following are six  uses of aloe Vera gel for skin:-

1]   As a Moisturizer:-

Aloe Vera gel works like a moisturizer for all skin types.  It has all the beneficial moisturizing properties included in it which once applied makes the skin hydrated and soft.  It soothes and nourishes the skin with its cooling effect. People with dry skin can use aloe Vera gel as your moisturizer as it has the ability to soften the dry skin and regain the lost moisture from the skin.  The best thing about aloe Vera gel is that it provides a non greasy texture on the skin and makes it smooth.

2] For  Acne Treatment/Sun burns :-

Aloe Vera gel is incorporated with anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which efficiently helps to reduce to skin inflammation, acne and redness on the skin. It also helps to wound skin problems like itching, sunburns  and blistering as it provides a cooling effect on the skin and also restore skin nutrients. One can directly apply aloe Vera on the affected area and keep it overnight or can mix the gel with honey and can use it as a face pack. Its natural healing ability will help to fade acne marks and tan as well.

3] As an  Exfoliating scrub:-

Aloe Vera gel when mixed with sugar and lime juice acts as an excellent scrub. It instantly takes off the dead skin cells and deep cleanses the skin. Lime juice with aloe Vera gel can help to lighten tan marks on the skin. Exfoliating is essential as our skin needs regeneration and constant encouragement for new cell growth in order to make it radiant. Add aloe Vera gel scrub in your routine and experience shiny smooth skin.


5] As a foot scrub:-

Aloe vera gel also works as an amazing pedicure scrub. One can now turn their feet smooth and soft by applying mixture of aloe vera gel with rice powder and sugar.  Aloe Vera has skin smoothing properties inherited in it which will help to heal dead skin thereby making it supple.

6] To  hide anti aging marks :-

One can mix aloe Vera gel with rose water and can apply to fine lines and pigmented area, keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off .  Aloe Vera contains anti oxidants and vitamins which  works excellently on the face and keeps acne marks, pigmentation, fine lines at bay. Regular usage of this face pack can slowly reduce age spots from the skin.



Market is flooded with aloe Vera gels; one can  directly apply fresh aloe Vera gel from the plant also as it works  equally great on the skin. This plant is no doubt miraculous concoction for all reasons, it not only works as cleanser , moisturizer and scrub for the face but also helps to promote hair growth and weight loss . Whether you have dry , sensitive  or oily skin – aloe Vera gel is the only ingredient which you require , it  can be used in all seasons  . If you want radiant supple skin start using aloe Vera gel right away and see the difference, one can also include this gel in face packs or can use it solo.


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