Himalaya Herbals Skin care Essentials Review and Overall Verdict

Who all loves to pamper their  skin? I know I do ; Following a strict skin care regimen is quite vital in current lifestyle as our skin is sensitive and an apt regimen can delay the signs of aging plus helps to make our skin appear healthy . I have oily skin and for me skin care essentials are like my oxygen, I do prefer sensitive formulations on my skin and for that nothing can beat herbal products . Himalaya is quite known for providing us herbal skin care products; I have used Himalaya neem  face pack  which worked quite well on my skin but this is the first time I tried their lotion, face  cream and anti acne gel facewash let see how they  worked on my skin …


1] Himalaya Herbals Nourishing body lotion:-

For me winters means pampering sessions for my skin, I always prefer my lotions to be  fast absorbing and non sticky. Himalaya herbals has launched new variants in their line of body lotion for winter.

Price :-

INR 80/- for 100ml and INR 140/- for 200ml

Availability :-

At any drugstore or online  / Exclusively at Himalaya stores at well.



The lotion comes in the usual Himalaya packaging – White plastic colored bottle with a green flip over cap, I would have loved this one if the packaging had pump dispenser  rather than  a tiny hole through with product oozes out.  All the product key ingredients is written on the other side of the bottle .  The flip top is quite easy to open and if not shut properly can cause mess. Overall packaging is okay not something unusual and yes less travel friendly as well [ I would love the packaging if the flip top was more sturdy ]


My take on the product:-

I usually use my lotions immediately after bath  as its  more receptive on wet skin for hydration . This lotion has neither thick nor runny consistency its more in middle  , it has mild flowery fragrance which is not  bothersome at all.  I like the fact that the lotion absorbs easily on the skin without leaving any residue behind and it provides an instant hydrating and moisturizing cool effect on the skin. It’s incorporated with aloe vera which helps in softening and nourishing the skin and winter cherry plant which helps in skin cell rejuvenation. Post application my skin does feels supple and soft, it does not looks greasy as it melts into the skin like water . Little goes long way with this lotion , it has the right consistency  and does not irritates  the skin as its herbal enriched . However for extreme dry skin this might not be the best as its not heavy and I would have prefer this to have SPF in it. For winters if your skin is turning into dry zone then this can be a quick use but since its too mild reapplication is required in few hours to hold the moisture.


2] Himalaya nourishing skin cream:-

Blessed with oily acne prone skin, choosing right cream is a major task. I usually apply skin creams post cleansing or as a base before makeup. Once you get suitable skin cream as per your skin type you are sorted as right cream is quite vital for skin nourishment, I picked Himalaya herbals as I wanted to start with something mild on my skin.


INR 235 for 250ml/INR160 for 150ml /INR 80 for 50ml

Availability :-

At any drugstore or online / Exclusively at Himalaya stores at well


Packaging :-

The Himalaya nourishing skin cream comes in white tub with green cap . It has a plastic cover inside which looks quite unhygienic  as most of the cream  is stuck on    the cap . The tub is nothing fancy but good part is that it’s not bulky and can be easily carried. The skin cream is white in color and the consistency is neither thick nor too thin it’s just right.


My take on the product:-

This cream contains aloe vera gel , winter cherry along with kino tree which works as an astringent for skin and pennywort which works as an antioxidant. The cream looks quite rich on the tub and once applied gets absorbed quickly, it does not provide a greasy effect in fact it literally hydrates the skin beautifully.It has a mild normal fragrance which is not overpowering .  I have used this on dry areas of my skin and it worked well , it can used easily as a daily light weight cream either on day or night. It’s true to what it claims at it definitely moisturize and nourishes the skin plus it shall work best for dry skin rather than oily skin.


3] Himalaya  Clarina anti acne face wash gel:-

Clarina range is new addition to Himalaya herbal family  and it offers  wellness products  like face wash, face cream, astringents and health supplements. This range is included in the pharmaceuticals section of Himalaya and is exclusively available at Himalaya store or medical store if  medicated by doctor.

Price :-

INR 75/-

Availabilty :-

Himalaya store/ Drugstore.


Packaging :-

It comes in white plastic tube with twisted round green color cap. The packaging is simple and travel friendly .

My take on the product :-

As mentioned I do own acne prone skin therefore purchased this face wash gel . This gel contains anti  inflammatory, anti oxidant and  anti bacterial properties in it which works collectively to control acne. Its incorporated with neem  which is popularly used to eliminate minor skin infections  , aloe vera and  turmeric which works as an anti septic and  helps to retain skins elasticity  by softening it gently. It has gel texture which works amazing on my skin. I took small quantity of this face wash and applied gently in circular motions, working up lather and then rinsed well. I could see that it provided an instant freshness and soothing effect on my skin, it also cleanses skin quite well. It claims to heal the present  acne but it actually eliminates oil and helps to control the occurrence of future acne. I did find this one effective on my skin and maybe due to presence of salicylic acid it targets upcoming acne quite good. As of now I am loving this one as my skin dint dry out .


Overall Verdict of Himalaya skin care essentials :-

Himalaya herbals is a trusted safe brand for sensitive skin as their products are herbal and works well. I did find the nourishing cream as a multipurpose cream and would definitely prefer it more than the lotion as it works good for body and face equally. Last but not least among all things mentioned the clarina  anti acne face wash gel is something worth trying as its mild and controls oil occurrence on the skin quite well.


Himalaya herbals Nourishing body lotion :-  3.5/5

Himalaya herbals Nourishing skin cream :-4/5

Himalaya Clarina anti acne face wash gel :-4.5/5



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