Vega PB15 Brush Review and Overall verdict

A perfect eye makeup is one which is blended to the core and to achieve it  brushes plays a vital role. Right tools with correct usage can amp up your makeup game easily. Vega is a popular Indian brand which provides affordable face, eye and hair tools. For a makeup fanatic like me one can never get enough of makeup brushes even though I own same kind of brushes still I tend to buy brushes from different brands . The main reason behind the purchase of vegapb15 was its promising similar appearance like a MAC224 brush , let’s see how it turned up quality and application wise …img_3660

Packaging :-

Vega pb15 comes in long black matte handle with brand  name written with white font. The whole look is similar to Sigma E40 or MAC224 except the length of handle  . I found the bristles of pb15 brush round eye blending brush to be little wider than MAC 224.  Overall if both are kept in same place one can hardly make a difference unless they compare the size.

Price :-

INR 400/- [one can achieve discount online if they are sales going on]

Availability :-

At vega official website or amazon/flipkart.



My take on the product:-

We all might know the importance of a  dense blending brush for our eyes , once we place  our eyeshadows as per our choice the next essential step is blending of the same and for that these kind of brushes helps a lot . As mentioned that vegapb15 brush is similar in appearance like MAC 224 , basically one can achieve same look with either of these two brushes . However vega brush is less softer than MAC224 but since its giving me the same finish I do not mind. I did wash this brush couple of times and as for now I dint experience any shredding of bristles which is a good point. It does pick up the desired eyeshadow quite well and its less soft bristles do not harm my eyes as well. I really appreciate the fact that even though it’s quite splayed than MAC224  still it does its blending  job quite good. Apart from blending eye shadows , I have started using this one for blending nose contour as well. I prefer my brushes to have the ability of doing more than one job;)…..oh an btw sometime I also apply and blend highlighter on my cheek bones with it .img_3665

Overall verdict:-

If a brush is doing its job quite good then whether its Sigma or Vega it doesn’t matter to me, however If you  are some  one who prefer extreme softness in a brush then you can give this one  a pass , its bristles are neither soft nor too harsh but in middle . I personally negate this point as it dint harm my eyes with its bristles and  provided good finish as any MAC or Sigma brush would. Therefore   if you are looking for an affordable round eye blending brush then vega pb15 is something which you need to add in your kitty .

Rating :-




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