Tatha Waterfall face mist by Vedic collection Review and Overall Verdict

Face mist provides us an instant hydration and cooling effect on our skin and few face mist even helps to set the makeup. I always prefer carrying face mist with me as it’s a handy dandy product which can be used as an  instant skin refreshment. Vedic collection is an Indian brand which is gaining its popularity by providing amazing natural herbal skin, hair care and wellness products. All their products are chemical and paraben free . Coming to the  product which is the vedic collection tatha waterfall face mist, let’s see how it worked for me …


Packaging :-

The waterfall mist by vedic collection comes in transparent plastic bottle with a pump spray at top. The spray part is covered with a see through cap.  I prefer mist packaging to be see through one as I could track the quantity of mist I have used. Overall the packaging is sturdy as I have traveled with it and did not face any leakage problem through the cap as it shuts quite well.

Price :-

INR 310/-

Available :-

At vedic collection Official website/ Online at amazon, snap deal , Nykaa.



My take on the product:-

Face mists are like instant energizers made for our skin. The best part about the vedic collection waterfall mist is that its enriched with essential oils  and natural ingredients like Purified water, Prunus amygdalus, Citrus Aurantium, Pelargonium Graveolens, Lavender Augustifolia. I am absolutely drooled by its refreshing smell , once sprayed it makes my face hydrated as I could feel instant softness  on my face . One should close their eyes, hold the mist bottle few centimeters away and spray it all over the face  , let it dry . I have tested this mist pre makeup plus post makeup and guess what ?..  It worked amazing in both ways. When I used it as a pre makeup base  I could feel that it left my skin much softer  and when I used it post makeup it  provided a muted glow . Since it has reviving properties in cooperated it   also works as a skin booster, its soothing smell helps to rejuvenate tired face.  One thing I instantly loved about this particular mist apart from smell is that it did not make my oily face greasy.  I have applied it  in middle of  a tiring day and it  left my skin refreshed and awaken . Its herbal friendly ingredients are suitable for all skin types .





Overall verdict :-

If you are looking for a face mist with refreshing smell and  reviving natural properties in it, then  Vedic collections tatha waterfall mist is something which needs to be added  in your skin care kit . It’s quite a handy face mist which can be carried easily and at the same time can be used as a skin energizer.  If you are stepping out in sun and you feel tired, this face mist can help to refresh your skin in no time. This  Waterfall face mist has already been traveling with me for quite some time and my skin is totally enjoying it.

Rating :-


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