Smashbox Photo finish primer review and overall verdict

Importance of a good primer can never be underestimated as it’s a vital product required for holding our makeup . Apart from holding it also helps to provide a smooth canvas for foundation, it has the power to give the whole base a flawless finish by minimizing the appearance of pores, keeping oils intact  and filling in fine lines . I own the much hyped smashbox photo finish primer , as my skin is oily therefore investing on a high end primer was much needed for me . Let’s see how this primer worked for me..


Packaging :-

The smashbox  photo finish primer comes in a tube packaging with a black cap. The tube has a precise nozzle through which controlled amount of primer comes out which is really good. Product details are written on the back side of tube with black font. Overall for me I would judge  this packaging as basic and travel friendly as well.

Price :-

36 USD $ approx conversion INR 2,400/-


At smashbox official website or Amazon

P.S :- I received mine through a relative who resides in U.S [Perks of having relatives abroad] 😛



My take on the product:-

Primers comes in two variants that is either cream based or silicon based. The smashbox  photo finish primer is a silicon based oil free primer which claims to minimize the appearance of pores while increasing the longevity of the foundation . Here is how I used it – I started by applying a moisturizer first as its always a good habit to prep the skin by moisturizing it before applying anything then I took a pea size amount of the primer and blended all over my face specifically concentrated on oily areas. I did allow it to set on my face for about 1-2 minutes and then applied foundation all over. I could notice that my foundation appeared flawless like never before as my pores were blurred and fine lines were less visible , thanks to the amazing smashbox photo finish primer.  I am absolutely amazed by   this  primer as it  provided an incredible finish to the whole look and prolonged  the wear time of my makeup , yes My foundation  was in place from AM to PM . The best part about this primer is that it looks amazing in photos when applied as the name says  ‘Photo Finish ‘, Its totally true as it does gives a non caked up Photoshop  finish to whole makeup. The gel based texture blends easily into the skin and does its job incredibly by keeping my oily face matte intact all day long.



Overall Verdict :-

The smash box photo finish primer is definitely worth the hype product as its prolonging and blurring abilities is commendable. The flawless airbrushed effect which every makeup fanatic craves for can be easily provided by using this . The con of this product would be its availability in India and the price , but as we all  say ‘worth every penny ‘ , therefore I could surely   deem this  primer as a product which one can invest on without any second thoughts .

Rating :-




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