Maybelline V face Blush Contour Review,Swatch and Overall Verdict

We are living in the present era of makeup trend called as ‘Contouring ‘, Believe it or not this trend is worth the hype as it has the power to sculpt and provide right shadows to your face. Maybelline being one my favorite high street brand has recently launched its latest V-face contouring products which includes a dual sided contour and highlighter cream stick , A Blush contour powder and  V face duo contour powder . All these 3 launches by Maybelline basically claims to be the perfect contour kit which every makeup lover would own , At first I was tempted to purchase all of  these but  then I ended up buying  the V face contour blush only  . Let’s see how it worked and why it’s the only product which I purchased in the range ………..


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Avene thermal spring water Review

Hello everyone…. I am again here with another review .  Lately  due to unpredictable weather conditions my skin giving me tough time . Currently they are tones of products in the market which favors my type of skin , but i purchased the much hyped avene thermal spring water . It  does claims to be a multipurpose mist , lets see how it worked for my skin.


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DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Review and overall verdict

We all love adding a splash of color on our nails, don’t we?  I personally love flaunting my nails with pretty colors. So few days back I received a nail lacquer from a brand called deBelle, they sent me the shade ‘miss bliss’ which is a beautiful light pink color.  Debelle provides  natural based personal care products like lotions, creams , hair oils and shampoos but this time they launched their new gel nail lacquers which claims to have natural seaweed extract .For everyone who is wondering about the brand ‘Debelle’, read below to find out.


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BH cosmetics carli byble eyeshadow and highlighter palette review , swatch and overall verdict

As soon as I heard that one of my favorite youtuber carli byble  the diva is collaborating with BH cosmetics and would create her very own eye shadow palette , I could not control my happiness and purchased it right away. My main reason behind this purchase was its beautiful appearance as well as the availability of Four different highlighters in one palette. Good highlighters are my weakness as I truly believe that highlighters has the power to give a celebrity touch to whole makeup look. Without further blabbering about  my love affair with highlighters, lets see how the overall palette worked for me :-


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l’Oreal paris 6 oil in nourish oil-in-cream review and overall verdict

I have oily scalp therefore I always opt  easy to use products for my hair  basically one which require less task and still would help me achieve the ‘good hair day’ everyday. We all know that washing our hair daily is not recommended as it causes stress to our hair. Serums , hair creams , dry shampoos etc.. are made for the days when we want to  make our pretty hair manageable without shampooing it.  Lately due to weather my hair is giving me tough time, so I thought to try the L’Oreal Paris 6 oil nourish in cream as it claims attracted me to purchase it. Lets see how to worked ….


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LA girl HD pro conceal orange corrector review , swatch and overall verdict

Hello everyone…I hope you all are fine. I have been suffering from dark circles and skin discoloration since past few weeks and applying concealer made it appear more cakey , then I realized I need to neutralize the areas of discoloration before applying  rest of the makeup, therefore purchased the much hyped orange color corrector from L.A girl HD pro concealer range. Lets see how it helped me …


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La roche possay effaclar purifying foam gel Review and overall verdict

As much as I love adding good amount of makeup on my skin #makeupaddictprobs , I also like to give my skin some rest  with good skin care products. My sensitive skin loves to be pampered , our skin is delicate thus easily gets affected by external  toxins like heat, pollution, dirt , layers of makeup etc..therefore investing in right skin care products is quite vital. La roache possay  is a well know  french based skin care company which has dedicated an amazing range called ‘ effaclor’ for acne prone skin like mine. I tried their foaming based face wash called as la roache possay effaclar purifying gel , let’s see how it worked for me…


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