l’Oreal paris 6 oil in nourish oil-in-cream review and overall verdict

I have oily scalp therefore I always opt  easy to use products for my hair  basically one which require less task and still would help me achieve the ‘good hair day’ everyday. We all know that washing our hair daily is not recommended as it causes stress to our hair. Serums , hair creams , dry shampoos etc.. are made for the days when we want to  make our pretty hair manageable without shampooing it.  Lately due to weather my hair is giving me tough time, so I thought to try the L’Oreal Paris 6 oil nourish in cream as it claims attracted me to purchase it. Lets see how to worked ….


Packaging :-

The L’Oreal oil in cream comes in a  attractive glossy golden color  tube packaging . All the ingredients , claims as well as directions to use is written clearly on the back side. I found the packaging to be travel friendly too as its sturdy. Overall for me the packaging is amazing like other L’Oreal hair products .

Price :-

INR 80/- For 100ml and INR 135 For 200ml

Availability :-

Online at nykaa, amazon and at loreal .



My take on the product:-

For me the definition of oiling hair meant applying any oil to your hair , massaging it , resting it for overnight and then washing it away. But thanks to brands like L’Oreal which came up with this 6 oil in cream nourish hair product as its easier to apply and claims to be non sticky as well. The first thing which attracted me to purchase this particular product is its name which says 6 oils in one, which is true as its mentioned that it has goodness of Argan, Almond, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut and Camelina oils and the second thing was that it claimed to be a multi usage product means- It can be used pre wash , post wash and overnight .  The texture of the cream is neither runny nor thick it has the  right consistency which can easily blend all over the hair . I want to mention that it smells heaven I love the fruity scent in it. Here is the different ways I used it:-

Pre wash:-

I took a little amount of the cream and massaged it  all over my hair. I did feel that the cream is quite non sticky which is good, so I left the cream for good 30 minutes and then washed it off. Results were noticeable as I could feel my hair has turned much softer and manageable. It was same like how any other oil would do, only difference is that I kept it for just 30 minutes while any other oil I would keep for overnight.

Post wash:-

I applied this cream after washing my hair on the length/tips of my hair.  This particular step I do most of the times as it works for my hair. I feel that whenever I apply this product post hair wash my hair is shiny as well as frizz free all day which is what I crave for. Totally love the after effects of the product.

Overnight :-

Applying this cream for overnight provided me soft hair nothing much to say as the results were same as the pre wash one.img_6311


Overall verdict :-

L’Oreal Paris 6 oil in  cream is  a good product for our hair as it does keeps  hair manageable and soft . The only problem which I felt was that even though it says that it has all nutrients , oils etc etc incorporated in it still it did not helped me in providing other benefits like hair fall control or dandruff  .  It offers you soft, tamed and shiny hair which is good and I enjoy it using on the tips of my  hair   on the days when I don’t feel like shampooing as it provides me non sticky hair all day. The budget friendly oil in cream by L’Oreal is for people who wants good leave in conditioners for their precious hair however do not expect miracles like hair fall and dandruff control from this one, it works best for managing and keeping hair protected from harsh weather .

Rating :-



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