BH cosmetics carli byble eyeshadow and highlighter palette review , swatch and overall verdict

As soon as I heard that one of my favorite youtuber carli byble  the diva is collaborating with BH cosmetics and would create her very own eye shadow palette , I could not control my happiness and purchased it right away. My main reason behind this purchase was its beautiful appearance as well as the availability of Four different highlighters in one palette. Good highlighters are my weakness as I truly believe that highlighters has the power to give a celebrity touch to whole makeup look. Without further blabbering about  my love affair with highlighters, lets see how the overall palette worked for me :-


Packaging :-

The carli byble highlighter and eye shadow palette comes in white cardboard packaging with her name written on the front side while back side details of this palatte is mentioned . I love the fact that the color of the outer packaging is white as it appears unique from the usual monotonous black packaging also it has mirror provided. It has that magnetic feel to it which makes the palatte quite sturdy and  travel friendly as well.  The whole look of this palette is quite feminine and attractive .

Price :-

INR 1600/-

Availability :-

I ordered it from







My take on the product :-

Pigmentation ,Shade texture and staying ability :-

My first impressions on this palatte when I received was the beautiful neutral color selection.  The whole palette comprises of 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters  out of which you get 5 matte , 5 Shimmer shades and 4 different highlighters .  The best thing about this palette is that each color available is universally flattering as it can easily suit different skin tones.  Coming to the pigmentation, i found  that the shimmery shadows to be extremely smooth, buttery and easy to work with while the matte shades are comparatively less pigmented but they blend like a dream and they have nice color pay off ,  the highlighters are  insane as they are soft , heavily pigmented and gives a nice glow .


Starting from the 5 shades in first row-

1] Matte cream shade- This particular shade works best as a base and brow bone matte highlight , its soft and pigmented

2]  Light pink shimmer shade –  Its buttery and can be used as a inner corner highlight or solo .

3]Matte light brown shade- I found this one to be the least pigmented among all but since its quite  blendable one can work with it.

4] Matte dark purple shade-  One of my favorite matte shade in this palatte, its pigmented and has good color pay off

5] Matte burgundy plum shade- I love the fact that carli added this particular shade in the palette as this particular once applied as a transition gives an amazing touch to whole look,its decently pigmented as well.



Below is the description of  2nd row eye shadows starting from left. All the colors mentioned below are shimmery and can used for multiple neutral  party  eye looks

6] Champagne shimmer shade

7] Golden shimmery shade

8]dark brown shimmery shade

9] Copper shimmery shade

10] Taupe matte shade- I found this matte shadow to be little chalky and deep down in heart I really felt that instead of taupe shade they should have added matte black shade .


I feel that all eye shadows are quite good and they blend really well. The quality is top notch especially the shimmery shadows. They stayed on my lids for good 6-7 hours which is commendable as well.



Last row contains 4 highlighters  –

I LOVE all the shades in these, each highlighter is extremely smooth and is quite pigmented . My Reason behind the purchase was these highlighters and I never regret owning it as they are all gorgeous.



Overall Verdict :-

If you are looking for an eye shadow palette for upcoming wedding season then these palette is the right choice for you  as you get different shimmery shades which go with almost all heavy outfits. I liked the fact that carli selected burgandy mauve matte shade rather than usual dark brown shade as these shades compliment our Indian skin tone beautifully and can work as an everyday shade too . The only negative point i can make out is the unavailability of matte black shade as I feel black mattes complete a palette nevertheless its gorgeous highlighters makes it forgiving for me.

Rating :-



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