Maybelline V face Blush Contour Review,Swatch and Overall Verdict

We are living in the present era of makeup trend called as ‘Contouring ‘, Believe it or not this trend is worth the hype as it has the power to sculpt and provide right shadows to your face. Maybelline being one my favorite high street brand has recently launched its latest V-face contouring products which includes a dual sided contour and highlighter cream stick , A Blush contour powder and  V face duo contour powder . All these 3 launches by Maybelline basically claims to be the perfect contour kit which every makeup lover would own , At first I was tempted to purchase all of  these but  then I ended up buying  the V face contour blush only  . Let’s see how it worked and why it’s the only product which I purchased in the range ………..


Packaging :-

The Maybelline V face blush contour comes in a black case with a plastic see through lid. It comes with a blush, color coordinated subtle highlighter and a contour shade which is arranged in a form of a V.  The primary product is the blush which is placed in between the contour and highlighter shade. A tiny slight angular roughly bristled brush is also provided. Overall packaging is okay and travel friendly as well, nothing over the top.

Price :-

INR 575./-


Online or at Maybelline Counters.


My take on the product:-

Pigmentation, Shade, Texture and Staying Ability:

Maybelline has always amazed me with its mascara’s, foundations , concealor  etc.. Therefore every time when they launch something it’s pretty exciting to try. I actually intended to buy the contour stick and duo powder but when I used the testers of these products I was not impressed as the cream contour shade was not cool toned one and the duo powder was quite poor in pigmentation therefore I ended up with blusher as that seemed promising

The Maybelline V blush contours are available in 3 shades – Peach, Pink and brown. I picked up the pink one as it would fairly suit my complexion. I found the blush to be smooth and soft, its decently pigmented and has good color pay off.  The contour shade and highlighter shade is less pigmented but one can work with it, I usually swirl my brush around the blush and highlighter shade and it does give a hint of pretty color on my  cheeks. I do prefer matte texture when it comes to blush and this blush does fit the bill easily. I am not a big fan of the contour powder provided in with blush as it’s not that pigmented and neither provides much definition if used individually . One can use this v blush contour easily together in order to achieve right amount of shadows . The best part about this blush is that it’s finely milled plus blends seamlessly. The applicator provided is okay and if in a hurry can be used to apply the product.

The v blush contour by Maybelline stayed on my cheeks for good 4-5 hours. One can increase the longevity by adding a face primer below.img_7506

Overall Verdict:-

I would suggest everyone to try this  V blush contour from the range as it’s a nice, finely milled, matte, soft and pigmented blush which one can apply in order achieve the pinched cheek effect. However I would suggest using the product together rather than individually as the results are much better, also I feel that Maybelline V contour blushes are much better than the fit me range blushes in terms of everything.   They do have pretty colors like peach and brown in this range so do check out!!

Rating :-



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