Urban Decay Shadow Box Review, Swatch and Overall Verdict

Festivities/ celebrations are right above our head and nobody wants to comprise with makeup on these days . We all love to add the perfect shimmer or glitter touch to our eye makeup in order to add the extra glam factor to our makeup look. Being a self confessed makeup lover i could not stop myself in purchasing the urban decay shadow box palette. The main reason behind this purchase   was a] Color selection and b] The brand name itself. Let’s see how it turned out …….

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Tips for New Bloggers

Hi guys!

Firstly let me begin by clarifying that neither I’m in any way an expert nor claim to be one. I’m myself a newbie and since starting my blogging journey, I have learned few particular things.

Today I’m discussing few tips for newbie bloggers. I hope this will be useful for not so newbie too. Read on to know more.


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colourpop brow pencil – Bangin brunette review

 Eyebrows can be called as a game changer . I am not exaggerating here as its quite true, an eye makeup can stand out only with right eye brows. Colourpop is one of those brands which I truly wish was easily accessible in India as the products provided by this brand is top notch and supreme.  When it comes to eye brows I prefer brow pencils rather than pomades as pencils provide a softer look to the brows plus are easier to work with. I own the colourpop brow pencil in bangin brunette  , lets see how it turned out.

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NYX Matte bronzer – Meduim Review , Swatch and Overall Verdict

The perfect recipe for a nice party makeup includes a good bronzer anytime , I have always loved the idea of adding warmth to the whole look by using a bronzer . Nyx is one brand which provides super quality products at high street brands rate, who would not like to purchase a little something from God sent Brands likes Nyx. When it comes to choosing a bronzer I prefer matte textures as I can use it for subtle contouring as well  , therefore I  purchased NYX matte bronzer in shade medium . Lets see how it worked for me….


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tried and tested castor oil benefits

Who would wonder that a simple oil would do magic for hair and skin, well at least I would not but ever since I in cooperated this magic potion a.k.a castor oil in my life I have drastically experienced a difference. Castor oil has been around for long time and it’s been used as a tonic for skin, hair and body related problems.  This oil is derived from the seeds of castor oil plant [ Ricinus Communis] , Majority might  think it as a raw unpolished product but in reality this product has all natural medicinal healing properties in it which can does wonders for hair, skin and body . Today I will be sharing few of the Benefits which have been tried and worked for me. …

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Chambor silver shadow compact review , swatch and overall verdict

We all know the importance of a good pressed powder as it’s a product which holds your makeup and as well as keep the extra oily shine away.  One needs to find a compact powder as per the skin tone if not using for highlighting intention. I truly believe that this makeup product is  a Holy Grail one for oily skin beauties like me. Chambor is a brand which has stolen my heart ever since I have used their trio eye shadows, Liquid lipsticks and kohls. Therefore I was quite keen to try a compact powder from the same brand. Let’s see how it worked for me ..


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Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color Sand Storm Review and Overall Verdict

Hello Loves!! Hope you are all doing great ,I will be reviewing the Wet n Wild Mega last Lipstick in Sandstorm . Wet N Wild Needs no introduction as it is quite popular in the beauty world… These lipsticks are quite hyped among  the beauty gurus for the quality they offer. So, let us just jump straight to the review and quench our thirst for beauty knowledge that we all seek and crave!!


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