Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color Sand Storm Review and Overall Verdict

Hello Loves!! Hope you are all doing great ,I will be reviewing the Wet n Wild Mega last Lipstick in Sandstorm . Wet N Wild Needs no introduction as it is quite popular in the beauty world… These lipsticks are quite hyped among  the beauty gurus for the quality they offer. So, let us just jump straight to the review and quench our thirst for beauty knowledge that we all seek and crave!!


Packaging :-

The packaging of these lipsticks has been something that I have never liked, as the lid is too tight and makes a weird noise each time! Also, the lid gets messed up each time I try to take the lipstick out… I am not very happy with how this lipstick is packed, but then again, when you get such gorgeous colored lipsticks, that are an amazing quality, you can ignore a thing or two! If you are reading this…the makers of “Wet n Wild”, please do something about the packaging, we wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks on something so amazing


$2/14 AED; INR 350-400

Availability :-

I got mine from Dubai, but you can order online



My take on the product:-

Pigmentation, Shade, Texture and Staying ability :-

The first time I used Sandstorm on my lips, I was WOWED! I was never a fan of orange toned lipsticks, but this just looked super amazing! It is a brown with muted orange undertones, and looks so pretty, that I do not have enough words to describe it! Everyone I came across that day asked me what I was wearing, and that’s when I could confidently tell myself that “this lipstick rocks on you”! LOL! Enough self-praising my dear! These are pigmented like crazy and you do not need layering at all. One swipe and you are set to turn heads! I have never noticed any bleeding what so ever, however it does transfer a little bit! But, that’s generally a trait every lipstick possesses…So no complaining here!

You do not need a balm before you apply this lipstick, as it is quite forgiving on dry lips. Also, if you struggle with fine lines, it won’t settle in them!! I wonder why I never laid my hands on these before!!? I never imagined that a drugstore lipstick could work so well.

The longest I wore sandstorm was for about 8 hours and I could see stains of it on my lips by the end of the day!! It does wash off but not completely, does leave a teeny-weeny hint of color! So, that I really like!


Overall Verdict:-

For people who are looking for terra-cotta shades and are crazy about cheap but quality lipsticks, Sandstorm is the best option. I love how the color shows up on my skin, and I am sure that all the Indian beauties prefer this shade. The pigmentation is awesome, so you can be assured that you do not need reapplication for a few hours at least. I just hope that Wet N’ Wild improve on their flimsy packaging.



Guest post by:-

Bushra from www.beautymomies.com

Instagram :-beautymommies77


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