tried and tested castor oil benefits

Who would wonder that a simple oil would do magic for hair and skin, well at least I would not but ever since I in cooperated this magic potion a.k.a castor oil in my life I have drastically experienced a difference. Castor oil has been around for long time and it’s been used as a tonic for skin, hair and body related problems.  This oil is derived from the seeds of castor oil plant [ Ricinus Communis] , Majority might  think it as a raw unpolished product but in reality this product has all natural medicinal healing properties in it which can does wonders for hair, skin and body . Today I will be sharing few of the Benefits which have been tried and worked for me. …


1] For Skin:-

– Cleanser

As much as oiling method sounds good for hair it equally works well for skin too.  Castor oil has high fatty acids and anti oxidants  infused in it which can work great for our skin, Slight massage of this oil all over the face at night can be done. One can mix it with coconut or any other oil In order to change its consistency as naturally this oil is thick .  After massage , soak a cheese cloth in lukewarm water, wring out the water and pack the cloth all over the face . This method will help to clean your skin, remove pores , excess oil and dirt . Incorporate this deep cleansing oil method and experience clear supple skin.

-Moisturzier :-

One can use a little amount of castor oil as a moisturizer as it specifically targets in softening dry , rough patches all over the body or face. Being an anti microbial warming oil it works excellently for dry skin .

Anti acne / sun burns/ Spots/Scars :-

The anti inflammatory properties activated in this oil makes it a tonic for spot treatments . One can apply this directly to the problematic area and keep it overnight . The healing properties in castor oil can help to reduce face scars, acne , burns and stretch marks. .Its healing benefits are due to its unusual chemical composition, which consists of a triglyceride of fatty acids with ricinoleic acid of up to 90 percent.


2]For hair:-

Applying castor oil to the scalp can promote hair growth . It’s a healing oil for all hair related problems and that is why it known to be as a natural hair tonic. It stimulates hair follicles , controls hair fall,  accelerates healthy hair growth , fights against dandruff and increases in microcirculation . I have personally experienced a difference in my hair after using this oil , one can apply directly or mix it with almond/ olive oil .

For eyelashes/ Eyebrows :-

Castor oil as we all know promotes hair growth; it works for eye lashes and eyebrows too. If you crave for the natural volumenizing   lashes then make it a point to apply this oil on your lashes every night for 4-5 weeks and see a noticeable difference . If you have scanty eyebrows , this oil can be applied to the eyebrow ridge. Once applied regularly , hair will grow denser .

3]For Nails:-

Since castor oil has moisturizing abilities in it when applied to nails and cuticles  it helps in softening them and prevents it from cracking. This oil will help to add a healthy luster to our nails.

I can truly regard castor oil as the most affordable beauty aid in the market. It not only helps in skin rejuvenation but also works as hair treatment oil . I have already  included castor oil as a main ingredient  in my hair / skin care regimen and totally loving the results.

Castor is easily available in the market . I am currently using the soulflower cold pressed natural castor oil which is easily available here and at nykaa/amazon.

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Thank you , Hope you all find this useful 🙂

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