Tips for New Bloggers

Hi guys!

Firstly let me begin by clarifying that neither I’m in any way an expert nor claim to be one. I’m myself a newbie and since starting my blogging journey, I have learned few particular things.

Today I’m discussing few tips for newbie bloggers. I hope this will be useful for not so newbie too. Read on to know more.


1. Blog because blogging is cool :- Blogging is actually cool and all fun if you’re doing it for passion. Imagine your article getting in front of so many eyeballs and also may be influencing others.

If you’re thinking blogging is easy money or getting rich gimmick, sorry not sorry to burst your bubble – It ain’t one. Contrary it’s more of hard work, research, time and patience grilled together for that perfect bite of sandwich (read: piece of article).

2. Blogging isn’t about numbers, alone :- Blogging isn’t about numbers. It’s not that if other blogger got more “followers”, they’re cooler or popular or whatever. Blogging is successful only if your audience like your work, find it helpful and trustworthy.

Popular bloggers get this done like boss. Their work are almost perfect. And this is why they’re famous and got decent “numbers”, if you know what I mean. Don’t run after excellence, run after performance and excellence will come to you!

3. Make your goal CLEAR:– I’ve seen many bloggers saying – I’m doing this for passion and I like blogging and blah blah..

But the next moment you see is sponsored post #1, #2, #3 and list continues. I’m not saying don’t do it, do but be clear about it. It’s not wrong to monetise your hobby. But if all you do is post only when you getting something for it, there’s no visible passion.

Make little goals such as I wanna earn Rs 1000, I need to reach 150 followers, I gotta post twice a week, etc and work to complete it in all possible ways (of course positive ways!).

4. Don’t do it for free:– Many newbies are doing this and I really don’t know why. This is very common here in India but not so common in foreign.

I know barter is a thing but is it worth it? Are you gonna do product reviews for free? The brands are getting the hype but what about you? If you feel you’re getting a freebie, then what if it doesn’t suit you and becomes nothing but a pile of stash.

Even if you’re a newbie and you talk about a product, it creates buzz. Similar to you other bloggers are doing the same out there. As a result, the brand gets the limelight and all you get is freebies.

Get it straight, no popular blogger does it for free, not even a simple Instagram post or a tweet. Just because you’re new, don’t get yourself bullied or ‘used’. Sometimes it is fine to go for barter thing, but every time? Nope.

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5. It’s gonna take some time:– You created a great piece, like actually great stuff but didn’t get the due exposure and appreciation.

Happens all the time, no big deal. It takes time to build up. If you notice, great beauty blogs in India, they’re like really old player. They’ve put in time, hard work and efforts to be what they’re now.

Blogging is never overnight success. I’m myself into blogging since almost 2 years. So if you’re into blogging, thing is to be patient and work in silence until the result make the noise.

6. Read other blogs:– I really wanted to add this one. There are time when you don’t feel like writing more, feel demotivated and that it isn’t working out, or a writer’s block. You should definitely checkout other blogs.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how therapeutic it can be. If you blog for passion, which you should, you’ll see your passion igniting and shouting out to you, we can and we’ll do this.

Guys that’s all about it for now. What’s your blogging mantra? Share in the comments below and I’ll see you next time.

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Aisha from

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