Amazon 12 piece essential eye brush set Review

 Brushes can be called as the perfect makeup weapons; right tools can give a lot of difference in your makeup.  The perfect set of makeup brushes can help anyone achieve a clean blended makeup. Recently I was casually surfing on Amazon without any intention of purchasing brushes, I happened to come across a 12 piece   eye makeup brush set which appeared quite pretty plus affordable as well, therefore could not resist and purchased it right away. Mind you I dint had loads of expectations from it but still wanted to give it a try. Lets see how it worked ….


Packaging :-

The main reason behind these brushes were its appearance as you get 12 piece brush set  in golden and beige color handle with off white  colored bristles . The whole looks reminds me of zoeva rose gold brushes . Amazon delivers you these brushes with nicely packed plastic sheet in a sturdy box. I even found the length of the brushes to be perfect. Overall the packaging is nice  .


INR 445/- for 12 pieces .

Availability :-

online at Amazon here ,



My Take on the product :-

I truly believe that if you are someone who is not adept in makeup then using affordable unbranded brushes is okay as long as you are happy with the end result. Blending brushes is quite vital in eye makeup as we all know that its the only key  required to achieve a  professional look    . Brands like sigma , Zoeva and Mac does provides us with high quality brushes but I feel that before investing in these brushes its better to practice with affordable brushes . Coming to the 12 piece set I actually found each brush to be quite useful as you get 2 round  blending brush of different bristle size,  1 tapered eye blending brush ,1 huge flat shade brush, 1 concealer brush, 1 angled brush , 1 liner brush , 1 smudge brushes and  1 dome shaped brush.  The bristles of these brushes are soft however not as soft as any sigma or MAC brush  so lets not in go in comparison with high end brands  . Believe it or not I am currently reaching out for these blending brushes rather than any other while doing my makeup as they are really good. My Favorite brush would be angled, concealer  and  eye blending brushes in these as they perform really well and are soft too . The dome shaped smudge brush is quite rough when compared to other brushes in this set therefore I don’t use it at all.  At such price tag I actually thought that one wash would shred the bristles or make the handle loose but in reality it dint happy I was literally amazed. I washed each of these brushes gently and they are still intact shape wise without losing any bristles.  I have been using these brushes since 4-5 months and they are performing well in terms of blending, placing eye shadows and of course surviving cleaning sessions.


Overall Verdict:-

Want to achieve a stunning eye look without investing in expensive brushes? Then amazon 12 piece eye brush set is something you can try. Brushes are vital tools for makeup if you are not professional and just wants to practice makeup using affordable things then you can go for these brushes as these not only appear like any high end brand but also provide clean results like any other expensive brush would provide . However do not expect high quality sturdiness from them, As per the price tag its quite good and is still working for me.




A very Happy New year to all of you : ) Loads of love !



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