Tips to find the perfect nude lipstick for every skintone

Trends may come and leave but the  nude lip trend is something which will be everlasting in the makeup world. Be it a smoldering Smokey eyes or soft eyes , a nude lip is something which when paired with any of these eyes will appear ravishing. Versatile is the perfect synonym for nude shade , any makeup can be taken to the next level with a perfect lip. Nude color can effortlessly give youthful effect to any one if the right shade is picked .  Be it a deep skin tone, medium or fair skin tone , nude lipshade  is the color which can compliment all. How pretty does it sound right? But as we say finding right nude color as per the skin tone can be tricky most of the times. We do like to add the perfect nude shade on our lips without looking washed out. In this post you will find out some tips which can help you find the  nude color which can flatter your skin tone.


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Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover review and over all verdict

As much I love applying long lasting makeup I also like removing every inch of it by using a good remover. I feel satisfied when I see every bit of makeup out of my face before going to bed. Makeup is something which I love and is obsessed about but deep down in my heart I am also aware that makeup won’t let my skin breathe. Neutrogena is a brand which has been like a savior for my oily skin, I absolutely love their toner and face wash. When I came across this particular remover by Neutrogena I read ‘oil-free’, curious like always purchased it. Let’s see how it worked …

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Makeup haul – Huda beauty, Too Faced, NARS and much more..

If you are a makeup lover like me then you might know the excitement of a new makeup , I personally love hauls . Makeup excites me more than anything, I am sure this feeling is equal for every makeup fanatic like me. I have been literally craving for few products since the longest time ever and finally I got my hands on it. Its not a huge haul but something which I purchased just recently and wanted to share with you all, Do let me know if you require certain product review out of these…Price and availability of each these products will be mentioned , check out below to find out…img_1744 Continue reading