Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover review and over all verdict

As much I love applying long lasting makeup I also like removing every inch of it by using a good remover. I feel satisfied when I see every bit of makeup out of my face before going to bed. Makeup is something which I love and is obsessed about but deep down in my heart I am also aware that makeup won’t let my skin breathe. Neutrogena is a brand which has been like a savior for my oily skin, I absolutely love their toner and face wash. When I came across this particular remover by Neutrogena I read ‘oil-free’, curious like always purchased it. Let’s see how it worked …



The Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover comes in a blue colored see through plastic bottle with a grey color screw cap. The mouth of the bottle is wide open which is what I don’t like about the packaging as it leads to wastage of product if not in control, I wish they provided flip opening rather than this. Ingredients of the remover are mentioned on the back side of the bottle. Overall the packaging looks nice.


INR 530/-


Online at Amazon or at any drugstore.img_2375img_2383-1

My take on the product:-

Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover is an odorless and colorless liquid , one can see tiny bit of oil traces in the liquid. The consistency of the remover is like water. Neutrogena also claims that this remover is in cooperated with aloe vera and cucumber extracts which makes the product perfect for sensitive skin.  One needs to shake well before applying it. For me the remover did its job perfectly at one  shot , initially on application it feels little  oily but within  seconds the product evaporates into the skin leaving it clean . The best part about this remover is that little goes long way, yes one needs tiny amount to clean entire makeup. I always had a struggle while removing a smudge proof kajal but this product does it in one go only , basically I no longer have to rub my eyes constantly with any other oil while removing the kajal  . The claims of being oil-free is true , post application it feels as if you dint apply anything for removing entire makeup. The name says oil free eye makeup remover but this works effectively for my skin too, it thoroughly removes entire makeup on my face efficiently as well.   It makes the skin look clean without leaving traces of oil behind. However for extra cleansing and as a habit I make sure to wash to my face after the removal process.

Overall verdict:-

If you are looking for a makeup remover which is suitable for sensitive skin then Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover is something you would love. This product does its job effectively, it can be used on the face, eyes and lips too. The best part is that does not cause any irritation on the eyes. Few drops of this product cover the entire face which is great. The only con would be the packaging,  i wish they provided  the product in a flip cap  packaging .

Rating :-



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