Tips to find the perfect nude lipstick for every skintone

Trends may come and leave but the  nude lip trend is something which will be everlasting in the makeup world. Be it a smoldering Smokey eyes or soft eyes , a nude lip is something which when paired with any of these eyes will appear ravishing. Versatile is the perfect synonym for nude shade , any makeup can be taken to the next level with a perfect lip. Nude color can effortlessly give youthful effect to any one if the right shade is picked .  Be it a deep skin tone, medium or fair skin tone , nude lipshade  is the color which can compliment all. How pretty does it sound right? But as we say finding right nude color as per the skin tone can be tricky most of the times. We do like to add the perfect nude shade on our lips without looking washed out. In this post you will find out some tips which can help you find the  nude color which can flatter your skin tone.


1] Know your skintone:-

The Most important point when it comes to  finding a foundation and even a nude lipshade is to have idea about your skin color . People usually tend to get confused on this but believe me its quite easy to find out. The basic key is to know all about undertones. The best method which one can use in order to find skin undertone is by checking the color of your veins , If your veins are blue then you have  cool  pink undertone, if green then you have warm  yellow undertone and  if you have combination of both the colors or if its difficult for you to find exact color of your vein then you come under neutral skin tone. Once you find your undertone it becomes pretty easy to select the perfect nude lipshade.  As we say skin color has different undertones in the same way a nude lipcolor also provides us with variety of different shades like beige, warm brown , rosy nude etc..Below are some nude shades  mentioned as per the skin tones.


A] For light skin tone- Fair:-

People blessed with fair skin tone which usually can be called as pink undertone can easily go with rosy nude or peachy coral kind of a nude shade.  Its quite vital to choose a color which is slightly darker than your skin tone in order to make it appear beautiful rather than washed out.  If your lips  has  the natural flushed color  make sure to opt for the nude color which hides the redness like a warm brown color.

Example – MAC mehr, velvet teddy and crosswires,  sugar vivid matte lipstick in peachy little liars,  Maybelline touch of spice , Revlon sultry, lakme 9 to 5 in blush work , nyx soft matte lip cream in London.

B] For Meduim skin tone- Neutral :-

People blessed with neutral yellow undertone kind of skin color are someone who can easily go with variety of nude colors like dark brown, taupes and dusky pinks.  This kind of skin tone can pull off many lip shades beautifully however when choosing something nude as mentioned the color should be slightly darker than skin tone as its always better to add hint of color on the lips .

Example:MAC blankety, twig and fast play , estee lauder rose tea, lakme 9 to 5 red chaos , Nyx matte lipstick in whipped caviar , colorbar haute latte .

C] For Deep skin tone- Warm:-

People with warm undertones can easily achieve a perfect nude lip by choosing darker shades . Nude color with hints of copper undertones looks beautiful on deeper skin tones like dark chocolate brown or burgundy shade.  An intense brown color is something which deeper skin tones should look out for.

Example:MAC diva and crème in your coffee, Maybelline burgundy blush , Revlon backed brown and seductive sieena .


2] Prepare your lips:-

Before adding  the right color to your   lips make sure to prep your lips by exfoliating it and adding a lip balm . Its always a nice idea to keep your lips ready by doing these steps in order to get smooth application of any lip stick. If you are someone with pigmented lips make sure to blend  some concealor in order to get the right shade to your lips.

My lips but better shade A.K.A Nude shade is taking over the makeup looks this year, so make sure grab some of amazing lipsticks and be red carpet ready.  Be  it a glossy, creamy, matte or satin  formula this particular shade is made for people who loves to turn heads with their makeup game. Being a pink lipshade lover myself I have fallen head over heels with nudes this year.

Say goodbye  to washed out looks and start welcoming the perfect flattering nudeshade , choose as per your skin tone and be ready to rock any makeup look.

That’s All my friends, hope this post help you find your nude shade.


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