bharat and dorris diamond cream review, swatch and overall verdict

Highlight on point  is the best compliment for a makeup lover like me . I personally love highlighters as they give a nice  touch to the whole look . Liquid highlighters are  good choice for someone like me  who prefers a natural understated glow on daily basis  , In  the past I have tried illuminators which  worked great for me therefore I was searching for a new illuminator in my life  . Bharat and dorris is a makeup brand created by a celebrity MUA ,  I heard that this brand provides amazing products at affordable price tag . Since I am all about the perfect glow  I purchased a diamond cream from this brand which claims to be illuminator, let’s see how it worked for me .

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L.A pro HD conceal Concealer in Creamy beige review , swatch and overall verdict

What does your everyday base makeup comprises of ? For me its a concealer and a compact powder. A concealer can act as your best friend on the days when you don’t like adding layers of foundation, just a dab on the dark spots can make you sorted and give you even finish.  Ever since LA girl has made its accessibility in India their concealers became talk of the town in the makeup world. I Heard MUA’s and bloggers raving about it Curiosity inside me heated up like always therefore purchased the concealer. Initially I was quite confused with the shade as the pro HD range is quite extensive which is appreciative. After lot of contemplation and research I ended up selecting creamy beige , lets see how it worked for me !


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Hey my loves!!  I am hosting a fun giveaway for all makeup lovers . As you all how much i love makeup therefore i decided to give one of the lucky winner makeup products which i personally like. This giveaway is  just a way to express my love towards my pretty followers,therefore i will be hosting giveaways more often ❤ , Read below to find out the products and rules for entering !



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fushia by Vkare Radiance berry blend face mask and anti blemish serum review and overall verdict

In order to achieve a dreamy skin its vital to choose suitable skin care products as right choice can turn your skin healthy  and radiant in the long run.  I really want to emphasize here that nothing beats nature friendly products for skin, I am a hardcore lover of skin care products which are chemical free. Fuschia by Vkare is a well known organic skin care brand which makes nature friendly products for all skin types. I recently got  my hands on  two products from their range one is a face mask known as radiance berry blend mask while the other one is an anti blemish serum  , I have been using these products for past 2 weeks  lets see how they worked for  me.


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Maybelline eye studio drama waterproof gel pencil in soft nude review , swatch and overall verdict

How many of you makeup lovers agree that a nude eye pencil has the ability to make anyone’s eye pop out more? Well I personally love the effect of a nude pencil on my waterline, it actually makes a difference. I have been in a constant search of a good nude liner sadly it was not easily available here , mind you I am talking about nude not white liner as there is a difference between two, thankfully Maybelline launched its gel pencils quite recently in India with several vibrant shades  and a nude shade as well. Excited and curious like always picked the  shade, lets see how it worked for me..


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Sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review, swatch and overall verdict

Brands these days are stepping their foot forward by launching liquid lipsticks .Make up lovers are craving for the perfect formula of a liquid lipstick. Sugar cosmetics is quite a known brand in India which has recently launched its own set of liquid lipsticks which is great as  I did heard that this particular brand creates amazing products at drugstore rates . They recently launched 10 shades of liquid lipsticks from nudes to pinks to red known as smudge me not liquid lipstick. Sugar cosmetics claims that these smudge me not liquid lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E and ensures that these are long lasting and require zero touch ups. I own 4 of them namely- Plum Yum, Brazin Raisin, Rust Lust and Wine shine, lets see how it worked for me.

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lotus herbals safe sun UV screen matte gel with SPF 50 review and overall verdict

Its spring summer 2017 already, basically that time of the year has arrived where our skin starts sweating like crazy. We all might also be aware that exposure of sun may cause adverse effects to our skin like tanning, sunburns, premature aging and much more, therefore its vital to protect our skin by using the right products. I am one of those persons  who never liked the idea of applying sunscreen on regular basis as I truly believed that it leaves a white cast on the face but ever since I became aware of its importance, my hunt for a perfect sunscreen began . Blessed with oily skin I was searching  for a sunscreen which would suit my skin type therefore purchased the lotus herbals safe sun UV matte gel , lets see how it worked for me….

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