lotus herbals safe sun UV screen matte gel with SPF 50 review and overall verdict

Its spring summer 2017 already, basically that time of the year has arrived where our skin starts sweating like crazy. We all might also be aware that exposure of sun may cause adverse effects to our skin like tanning, sunburns, premature aging and much more, therefore its vital to protect our skin by using the right products. I am one of those persons  who never liked the idea of applying sunscreen on regular basis as I truly believed that it leaves a white cast on the face but ever since I became aware of its importance, my hunt for a perfect sunscreen began . Blessed with oily skin I was searching  for a sunscreen which would suit my skin type therefore purchased the lotus herbals safe sun UV matte gel , lets see how it worked for me….


Packaging :-

The Lotus herbals safe sun UV matte gel  comes in an orange plastic squeeze tube with flip open cap . A tinny nozzle is provided inside the cap which helps to dispense the right amount of product. The packaging is quite travel friendly as the cap provided is sturdy and shuts with a click.


INR 295/- For 50gm and INR 395/- For 100gms.

Availability :-

At lotus counter And Online at Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart.


My take on the product:-

The lotus herbals safe sun UV matte sunscreen has a  gel based texture , its consistency is nor runny nor thick but just right . I like the fact that unlike other sunscreens this particular one absorbs into my skin without leaving a white cast effect, Since its gel based one can work with it easily and apply generously without being cautious about the after effects.  It also has a mild sweet fragrance which disappears after sometime, it’s not overpowering at all .Once applied as the name claims ‘Matte’ , so yes it does give an anti shine effect to our skin . The product is light weight and feels non greasy, it has spf of 50 which is amazing. I have been using this sunscreen for a while now and its working pretty well on my oily skin by controlling the extra oil secretion and adding an invisible protective layer to my skin without causing breakouts or any  skin irritation . The non sticky matte gel stays on my skin for 3-4 hours after which I make sure to reapply it. However if you are someone who loves  tinted sunscreens for coverage then you might not like this variant of the sunscreen as this one has a gel based formula which on application absorbs into skin . Lotus is a herbal friendly brand which makes amazing products and I am totally impressed with its UV matte gel , believe it or not this particular sunscreen  is currently the most used product in my kit thanks to the current weather .


Overall Verdict :-

Summers have kick started already make sure to sip in some fresh juices for hydration and add good amount of sunscreen to your face in order to keep tan and sunburns at bay. Lotus UV screen matte gel with SPF of 50  is something all normal to oily skin beauties would love as it has a light weight , non sticky gel based formula which absorbs into the skin and gives a matte anti shine effect to your face . It excellently controls oil secretion and does not leave white cast. One can easily  use it as a makeup base on hot sunny days .




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