Maybelline eye studio drama waterproof gel pencil in soft nude review , swatch and overall verdict

How many of you makeup lovers agree that a nude eye pencil has the ability to make anyone’s eye pop out more? Well I personally love the effect of a nude pencil on my waterline, it actually makes a difference. I have been in a constant search of a good nude liner sadly it was not easily available here , mind you I am talking about nude not white liner as there is a difference between two, thankfully Maybelline launched its gel pencils quite recently in India with several vibrant shades  and a nude shade as well. Excited and curious like always picked the  shade, lets see how it worked for me..


Packaging :-

The maybelline eyestudio drama waterproof gel pencil soft nude  comes in a sleek pencil with a transparent cap. The color of the pencil is as per the shade of liner which is great as its easier to spot. It’s a pencil which requires to be sharpen after few usages which is sad as I feel  the product is wasted anyways the whole look of pencil is pretty basic, appealing and travel friendly as well.


INR 499/-

Availability :-

Online at , Nykaa and Maybelline counters.


My Take on the product :-

Pigmentation, shade, texture and staying ability :-

I love Maybelline for its kohls and gel liners , this particular gel pencil is no exception as its quite pigmented, soft and velvety . The shade soft nude can be described as a light beige color more towards the off white side , the color is neither like a  pure beige or super white but a perfect light shade which would compliment every color eyes . I am in love with the shade and its creamy texture which glides like a butter on my water line also since its pigmented, multiple swipes are not required. It does not contain visible shimmer particles in it but still gives a brightening shiny effect when applied . I usually love wearing nude pencils on day to day basis as it gives a popping effect to my eyes and makes it appear a little big which is great. Since this gel pencil has a creamy texture to it one can blend it easily and use it as brow bone highlighter too , trust me the difference is real.

Maybelline claims that this gel pencil is super long lasting and can stay for 16hours which is definitely not true. The pencil is completely smudge proof and waterproof  but stays for good 5-6 hours after which it starts fading. I have sensitive eyes and this gel pencil worked pretty well since it dint budge me at all. The only con would be the sharpening part , since its extremely velvety one needs to be quite careful while sharpening the pencil as it may cause unnecessary wastage.


Overall verdict:-

If you are someone who loves to sport a no makeup makeup  look on summers then a nude pencil is something which can help you to achieve it in no time. Maybelline gel pencil in soft nude is the perfect color which can help you to achieve a wider , fuller and more awake eyes , it’s a product which can be called as your eye savoir as it can be used not only as a kohl but also a highlighter for brow bone and inner corners . Its creamy texture , longevity and pigmentation is great however the downside would be its 16 hour claim which is not true.

Rating :-



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