fushia by Vkare Radiance berry blend face mask and anti blemish serum review and overall verdict

In order to achieve a dreamy skin its vital to choose suitable skin care products as right choice can turn your skin healthy  and radiant in the long run.  I really want to emphasize here that nothing beats nature friendly products for skin, I am a hardcore lover of skin care products which are chemical free. Fuschia by Vkare is a well known organic skin care brand which makes nature friendly products for all skin types. I recently got  my hands on  two products from their range one is a face mask known as radiance berry blend mask while the other one is an anti blemish serum  , I have been using these products for past 2 weeks  lets see how they worked for  me.


 Packaging :-

1] Radiance face mask berry blend –

The radiance face mask comes in a  plastic tub  . I love the packaging as I can easily carry this mask even when I am travelling without even worrying about leakage as the screw cap provided once closed keeps the container secure. Ingredients about the mask is written on the screw cap it self .


2] Anti blemish serum-

The serum comes in a plastic container as well , a nozzle is provided which helps to control the amount of product . I like the fact that fushcia brand has given importance to the packaging as the serum not only appears pretty but  is sturdy and travel friendly  as well. The best part is the nozzle which makes sure that sufficient amount of product comes out .



Berry blend radiance mask- INR 400/-

Anti blemish serum- INR 850/-

Availability :-

Online easily at www.vkarebiosciences.com , Instagram – fuschiavkare

My take on the product :-

1]  Radiance berry blend mask:-

Radiance berry blend mask is a mint green color paste which is smooth; its consistency is perfect for application. One does not need efforts to spread this mask all over face . It has a mild fragrance too which is not bothering at all . Fuschia claims that this mask is specifically targeted for people with Sensitive skin , basically for people which are prone to acne . Since this mask contains ingredients such as Rose Water, Kaolin Light, China Clay, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Mulberry Extract, Blueberry Oil and Vitamin E it provides right benefits to sensitive skin by keeping pores at bay, making skin firm  and adding a healthy moisture .




Post application the mask gives a soothing effect to my skin , I Make sure to keep this mask for 15-20 minutes after which I rinse it off with cold water . I absolutely loved the instant cooling effect of this mask as it made my skin soft and smoother, the goodness of aloe vera and rose water also helped in reducing the appearance of visible pores which was great. My Skin felt supple and clear like never before, however I would like to mention that I notice  radiance in my skin after 2-3 uses. The best part about this mask is that it did not made my skin dry or caused any breakouts  in fact it provided a revitalizing  effect  to  my skin .

2] Anti blemish serum:-

A good serum is quite vital as it’s a product which one can use immediately after cleansing for holding the moisture  and is light weight when compared to moisturizers.  Fuchsia has amazing range of serums which are tailored for different skin types . I own the anti blemish serum which has mulberry and saffron extracts. This serum  has a  pale white color and has super light  texture , it basically soaks into the skin in a jiffy .It has a sweet mulberry fragrance too which is not bothersome as it disappears after application. Mulberry is a known antioxidant ingredient which helps in lightening the dark spots  while saffron is popularly used to even our skin tone and adding a glow . Enriched with vitamins E , olive oil and aloe vera this serum also helps in increasing skin elasticity while fading the blemishes.



I apply this serum usually after cleansing or before applying foundation and sometimes even at night as its light , I take 1-2 pumps of this serum and massage it all over my face  . This products soaks like a water into my skin leaving it soft , nourished and glowy . Since I have been using this product religiously  for past 2 weeks, I have noticed that dark spots are less visible and my skin is more even . I am head over heels with this serum already.

Overall verdict:-

I would highly recommend the berry blend radiance  face mask and serum as they are working perfectly for my skin , best part is that these products are safe since they are organic which means they  chemical and paraben free  . Currently the only skin care product which I am reaching for is the anti blemish serum and for the days when I feel that my skin needs extra nourishment and care I reach out for the radiance berry blend mask. Overall I am totally satisfied with the results and will purchase more products from fuchsia .

Rating :-

Berry blend mask- 4/5

Anti blemish serum-4.8/5


*PR sample


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