bharat and dorris diamond cream review, swatch and overall verdict

Highlight on point  is the best compliment for a makeup lover like me . I personally love highlighters as they give a nice  touch to the whole look . Liquid highlighters are  good choice for someone like me  who prefers a natural understated glow on daily basis  , In  the past I have tried illuminators which  worked great for me therefore I was searching for a new illuminator in my life  . Bharat and dorris is a makeup brand created by a celebrity MUA ,  I heard that this brand provides amazing products at affordable price tag . Since I am all about the perfect glow  I purchased a diamond cream from this brand which claims to be illuminator, let’s see how it worked for me .


Packaging :-

The bharat and dorris diamond cream comes in a pump packaging .  Since it has pump attached , controlled amount of product dispenses out at each use which is convenient and easy to use. The  cap provided is sturdy therefore I can rate the packaging as travel friendly and simple nothing over the top  .


INR 440/-


Online at


My take on the product:-

Shade, pigmentation , texture and staying ability :-

B and D is one of those brands which create shades that  favors Asian skin tones beautifully,  I currently own shade number 5 which is a gorgeous pale gold color its more like a rose gold champagne color . Its one of those shades which would easily flatter fair to medium skin tones. The diamond cream is quite pigmented , it has gel texture which feels smooth on application . It has a blendable consistency therefore one can spread it easily without pains . I am one of those persons who prefers  illuminators which looks seamless on the skin and which provides a glow from within but sadly this particular product did not satisfy me for the purpose as it has obvious visible shimmer in it which  appears more  like chunks of glitters post application. I did not like the fact being an illuminator its still overpowering with glitter shine rather than a sheen . Since its a illuminator I expected something else from this product but it turned out bit disappointing for me . However when I  used this diamond cream  as a base for my usual powder highlighter it appeared gorgeous as the glow was on next level , the whole effect of a powder highlighter on top of this diamond cream was out of the world .

The B and D diamond cream when used solo  stays for  2-3 hours only which is sad .  However one can make this diamond cream  work as a glowy serum  as it can be mixed with foundation or used as a base for powder highlighter   . I  have started using this highlighter as a base for my powder highlighter and it leaves me with a blinding glow.


Overall verdict :-    

Bharat and dorris diamond cream in number 5 is a gorgeous pale gold illuminator which provides a heavy visible glow rather than sheen which I am not a big fan of . The pigmentation and texture is great but longevity when used solo is quite poor.   However one can use this illuminator as a base as it helps to pop out any highlighter more.



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