L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara review and overall verdict

My favorite makeup product would be a good mascara anytime , I love the way a simple wiggle of wand on lashes can help to make our eyes much awake and attractive . L’Oreal is no doubt  one of those brands which creates great mascara’s. Currently I own the much hyped voluminous carbon black mascara by loreal which globally is available in three shades black ,black-brown and carbon  black. I have the carbon black waterproof version , lets see how it worked for my lashes !..


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Satthwa premium hair oil review and overall verdict

Owning a voluminous shiny healthy hair is almost every girls dream, I always wish to have that “good hair day” tag almost every day. The current sweltering weather can easily cause breakage, oily scalp and heavy dandruff occurrence to our hair, therefore it becomes vital to use proper hair care products. Deep oiling method is nothing new but its often underestimated as people usually avoid oiling hair , In reality if right hair oil is added in  our hair care  regimen it can actually do wonders for any individuals hair be it a men or women . Today my whole post is around a regrowth premium hair oil from the brand satthwa  which I have been using ever since I received it  , lets see how it worked for me ..


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ponds pimple clear face wash review and overall verdict

The struggle for achieving  an  acne free skin is real for me, I guess every one can relate to this. When it comes to skin care I am really fussy about the products which I choose thanks to my oily skin , I feel its really vital to choose products as per skin type. Ponds is one of those brands which I have been using since ages , I absolutely  love their deep cleansing black foaming face wash but this time I wanted to try their newly launched face wash which thankfully is created for people who are blessed with acne as it claims to target pimples and clear skin within a span of  three days, how cool is that ! Right .?  curious like always I did try and took the straight 3 day claim  challenge , lets see how it actually worked ..


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The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer review, swatch and overall verdict

Bronzer is a makeup must have as when applied correctly it provides beautiful definition to our face .The bronzer which is going to be reviewed today was on my wish list since the longest time well for obvious reasons , it’s one of those hyped about bronzers ! Yes its none other than ‘ Bahama mama bronzer’ From the balm cosmetics . Luckily I am not going complain about its availability as its now officially available online easily in India . I don’t think the  introduction needs to be prolonged as the brand name is enough so  let’s see how it worked on me –


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New Maybelline the colossal kajal 24hour smudge proof with Aloe vera review , swatch and overall verdict

Kajal plays a major role in my makeup game,  The reasons are quite obvious as its one of those versatile makeup product through which anyone can step up their eye makeup game – it can be used as a base for smokey eye if smudged or can be used solo in upper and lower water line and would still make your eye stand out  , in any way I love a good jet black  kajal . Maybelline colossal kajal is a classic black kohl , its my HG product as I prefer it over many other kohls. Recently this brand came up with a new claim for this kajal and called it  – the  new 24HOUR  smudge proof colossal kajal  [ earlier it was 12hour claim] , pretty much curious and excited like always I did purchase this one , lets see how it turned out.


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kryolan Translucent powder review , swatch and overall verdict .

 Summer is all about light makeup , we all prefer our base to be comfortable particularly on a sweating weather . Powder plays such a vital role in makeup as it helps to set our foundation and provide a non cakey look . I  was searching for a loose powder for the longest time ever and every brand near which provided a loose powder were quite expensive , since it was my first time with loose powder I wanted something affordable yet good so kryolan was the brand which popped up in my head .  Kryolan is one of those  amazing brand  which provides wide range of products that  are  mostly  used by  several professional MUA’S as the quality provided by their products are top notch and camera friendly , it’s a brand which creates products targeting theater industry , films and tv . I purchased a translucent powder form kryolan , let see how it turned out..


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