kryolan Translucent powder review , swatch and overall verdict .

 Summer is all about light makeup , we all prefer our base to be comfortable particularly on a sweating weather . Powder plays such a vital role in makeup as it helps to set our foundation and provide a non cakey look . I  was searching for a loose powder for the longest time ever and every brand near which provided a loose powder were quite expensive , since it was my first time with loose powder I wanted something affordable yet good so kryolan was the brand which popped up in my head .  Kryolan is one of those  amazing brand  which provides wide range of products that  are  mostly  used by  several professional MUA’S as the quality provided by their products are top notch and camera friendly , it’s a brand which creates products targeting theater industry , films and tv . I purchased a translucent powder form kryolan , let see how it turned out..


Packaging :-

The kryolan translucent powder comes in a grey cylindrical tub, the brand name is provided on the top of the cap while the shade name is mentioned below the tub . Once you open the lid you find a plastic layer with several holes that helps to dispense powder from it .Overall the packaging is decent but can be messy if excess powder is out , it can called as travel friendly as the lid is sturdy .


INR 500/-

Availability :-

At kryolan counters / Also For everyone in Hyderabad its exclusively available at Kathiawar store in Jubliee Hill only , This brand has sadly availability issues as its not easily present online.




My take on the product :-

The kryolan translucent powder comes in 13 different shades favoring every purpose of a loose powder and all skin tones which is great. Since I wanted to be on a safe side I selected the shade TL 1 which is a  colorless powder . This powder is extremely finely milled and has a smooth texture , I can easily feel that after application it makes my skin look like second skin minus oiliness as it beautifully sets the concealer and foundation without adding extra color  . I am not a big fan of baking technique as I feel baking has the tendency to accentuate dry lines so I usually like to dust my loose powder slightly around all over my face  .  I like the fact that this powder does not feel heavy or chalky , it gives a beautiful finish . Its quite  light weight  translucent powder which  does not provide heavy  coverage or add any color  but just helps to set our makeup and prevent oil extracts on my face  . I have been  using this powder ever since I purchased it  . Even if you are using this  for baking it will work well as the texture is smooth plus it does have tendency to provide a blurry matte smooth skin post application.   I personally have used in every way I could and I must admit that I am totally impressed with it . Currently during summers its apt to use something light on the skin therefore I always reach for this powder to set my base. I also want to mention I have acne prone skin and this product did not clog my pores or caused any acne .

The kryolan translucent loose powder controls oils for about 5-6 hours after which I  reapply the powder  slightly around oily areas and feel sorted for rest of the day .

Overall verdict :-

The trending makeup needs includes a good translucent powder , if you are someone who is searching for one then kryolan is the brand which you need to try .The best part is that their translucent powders have wide range of shades from yellow to pink etc . The loose powder is finely milled, smooth and sets foundation and concealer  without settling into fine lines . It provides a blurry texture to our skin while controlling oil extract. I am currently crushing over this product and its definitely on my repurchase list . However the  only issue would  be its availability .

Rating :-



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10 thoughts on “kryolan Translucent powder review , swatch and overall verdict .

  1. Good to see somebody else using this powder. Never seen it talked about before, but I really like it. I got this when I was doing my beauty training and I still use it now.

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