ponds pimple clear face wash review and overall verdict

The struggle for achieving  an  acne free skin is real for me, I guess every one can relate to this. When it comes to skin care I am really fussy about the products which I choose thanks to my oily skin , I feel its really vital to choose products as per skin type. Ponds is one of those brands which I have been using since ages , I absolutely  love their deep cleansing black foaming face wash but this time I wanted to try their newly launched face wash which thankfully is created for people who are blessed with acne as it claims to target pimples and clear skin within a span of  three days, how cool is that ! Right .?  curious like always I did try and took the straight 3 day claim  challenge , lets see how it actually worked ..


Packaging :-

The ponds pimple clear face wash comes in a white tube packaging with a flip open cap, nothing new as all other face washes by ponds are packed in same way only the color is of tube is different . All the ingredients are mentioned on the back side of the tube. Overall the packaging is nice and travel friendly too.


INR 69 for 50gms / INR 125  [ currently on sale for 94rs ] for 100gms

Availability :-

Online at Amazon and flipkart


My take on the product:-

Ponds pimple clear face wash has fairly thick foamy texture and is white in color also it does not contain any scrubbing particles in it . It has the usual sweet ponds fragrance which is not bothersome at all, I kind of like it . First thing I noticed in the ingredient is the presence of salicylic acid, I feel that its commonly used in face washes which targets acne . Ponds claims that this particular face wash also contains unique clear and lock technology which would work to eliminate acne from its root and will help to achieve a deeply cleansed skin .I like the fact that this face wash when applied rinses off easily like a soap, it does have thick texture so pea size amount  will be enough for covering whole face. Post application it leaves my skin much supple, brightened and cleansed, I could easily feel that it took away all the  dirt and  oil from my skin which is great . Since It claims to vanish acne within a span of 3 days,  i used it for 4-5 days at a stretch in order to see the result but sadly it dint help anything in regard with eliminating  pimple neither it helped in preventing  re occurrence  of  pimples  however I should mention  that it only helps   in clearing out clogged grime. I can say that its one of those face wash which does works great for  controlling oil  and cleansing the skin  . I feel that people with dry skin should stay away from this face wash as it could cause dryness if used daily .


Overall verdict:-

The ponds pimple clear face wash is a great cleansing kind of face wash specifically tailored for oily skin as it does controls oil and removes dirt to an extent however it could be little harsh for dry and sensitive skin. Also the claims of eliminating pimple are not true at all, so don’t fall for it. I really think I should use my trustee black deep cleansing foam face wash by ponds as its much better in terms of everything  and less harsh for  my skin .

Rating :-


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