Satthwa premium hair oil review and overall verdict

Owning a voluminous shiny healthy hair is almost every girls dream, I always wish to have that “good hair day” tag almost every day. The current sweltering weather can easily cause breakage, oily scalp and heavy dandruff occurrence to our hair, therefore it becomes vital to use proper hair care products. Deep oiling method is nothing new but its often underestimated as people usually avoid oiling hair , In reality if right hair oil is added in  our hair care  regimen it can actually do wonders for any individuals hair be it a men or women . Today my whole post is around a regrowth premium hair oil from the brand satthwa  which I have been using ever since I received it  , lets see how it worked for me ..


About satthwa:-

Satthwa was started by Prashant a serial entrepreneur who had been fighting hair fall problems since a couple of years. He tried various “big brand” products which only helped a little. After a lot of research, trial and error, he found a good mix of certain oils which made a lot of difference to his hair. He passed on the oil to his friends and family and they all were very happy with the results. Now he is on a mission to help others with this scientifically researched hair oil formula! More info here .

It’s a paraben free brand !

Packaging :-

The satthwa premium oil comes in a transparent bottle with  a flip open cap . The ingredients along with its claims and instructions  are mentioned on the packaging . Overall the packaging is pretty basic and travel friendly too thanks to its sturdy cap .


INR 599/-

Availability :-

Online at flipkart and


My take on the product:-

The satthwa premium hair oil has a thick consistency  just like castor oil  and is pale yellow in color . It has a mild  olive oil fragrance . Before letting you all know about what changes it did to my hair I want to share description of  9 powerful  oils which in reality works great for each hair type.

  • Olive oil :-

Treats dry and damaged hair . Makes Hair shime and become soft and smooth

  • Coconut oil:-

Not only does coconut oil promotes hair growth it prevents dandruff and makes thick hair

  • Almond oil :-

Smoothens cuticles and prevents shedding . It Regulates blood flow to scalp

  • Castor oil:-

Darkens hair and stops premature graying . Stops split ends

  • Amla oil:-

Rich in vitamin A and C it’s a natural conditioner . Minimizes hair loss and prevents  graying

  • Emu oil:-

Acts as a fortifying agent for hair. Stimulate dormant hair follicles and help with new hair growth

  • Jojoba oil:-

Antifungal and unclogs pores, repaired hair and cleanses scalp. Helps balance PH levels.

  • Vitamin E:-

Provides antioxidants , Keratin strength and reduces fizz.

  • Grapeseed oil :-

High in antioxidants promotes hair growth and delays skin aging.

What if all these powerful oils are blended together ,its would  be like a magic potion for our hair . Thankfully the premium hair oil by satthwa which I am talking about contains blend of all these  . I feel this oil has actually changed texture of my hair , it did turned  my hair much softer, shinier  and healthier . I have been using this oil since 3+ weeks   and I could see good amount of difference in my hair. The oil should be applied 2 times a week over night or 1-2 hours before shampoo. Give your scalp a gentle 3-4 minute massage .The best part about this oil is that its non sticky and  does not feel heavy at all . Post hair wash one does not require a separate conditioner or a serum as it keeps hair manageable .

My hair are voluminous now as hair fall is visibly reduced, dandruff is almost vanished and hair growth is much faster  .  I am absolutely drooled over the results provided by the premium hair oil .  I Feel the blend of  above mentioned 9 rich  oils  do wonders for all types of hair . I strongly believe that this  oil has amazing nourishment formula which could help in solving common hair related problems like dryness, oily scalp, hairfall, dandruff , premature graying , brittle hair etc etc.


Overall verdict :-

If you are someone like me who wishes for a dreamy hair then premium regrowth hair oil by satthwa is what you need to try . Currently they are tons of products which claims to be useful for hair but this oil definitely stands out from the lot as it visibly shows the results and provides umpteen benefits for hair like – It promotes healthy hair growth, controls dandruff, fights scalp related problem , nourishes scalp and  makes the hair smooth , shiny , manageable , eliminates harsh chemicals from hair , prevents dryness and hair fall etc.. Highly recommend the  satthwa premium hair oil for everyone .




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