L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara review and overall verdict

My favorite makeup product would be a good mascara anytime , I love the way a simple wiggle of wand on lashes can help to make our eyes much awake and attractive . L’Oreal is no doubt  one of those brands which creates great mascara’s. Currently I own the much hyped voluminous carbon black mascara by loreal which globally is available in three shades black ,black-brown and carbon  black. I have the carbon black waterproof version , lets see how it worked for my lashes !..


Packaging :-

The L’Oreal voluminous black mascara comes in a matte black tube with a golden cap, the whole look of the packaging appears classy. I really loved the black and gold combination, its looks attractive and is travel friendly as well.


8$ Approx conversion – INR 517

Availability :-

Ulta.com, amazon .com ,super drug and L’Oreal counters at U.S [ I Received it via my relative ]


My take on the product:-

The  L’Oreal’s Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara claims to have a unique formulation which resist clumping, soften lashes, and build lashes up to 4X their natural thickness, its formula is specifically made to add extra drama to the lashes. I totally love this version of L’Oreal mascara because of its true black color. Since the color is intense, single coat is enough to add drama. This mascara has an old fashioned type long wand which makes the application quite easy . It  claims to add volume so yes it does adds voluminous   plus lengthening effect to our lashes, it separates each individual lash beautifully. However as this mascara has dramatic effect one should avoid adding more than 2 coats as it might cause clumps which results in spider legs lashes . I also want to mention that even though this mascara is waterproof it feels light on the lashes which is great . I wear lenses sometimes and have sensitive watery eyes , this mascara neither budges nor irritate my eyes in any way. It just sets and stays intact . I Usually apply this mascara whenever I do heavy eye makeup as it beautifully  compliments the whole look by adding drama to my lashes .

Baby oil or makeup remover should be used gently while removing this mascara as its waterproof.


Overall verdict::-

Say yes to drama by adding the super black mascara by L’Oreal. I absolutely love this mascara it’s my HG one currently not only for its black color but also for the fact that gives  right volume and separates individual lashes . The only con would be its unavailability in India, I really wish L’Oreal should get this version of mascara here.

Rating :-



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