Junaili Apricot Scrub Review and overall verdict

Scrubs are boon for oily skin as they are quite useful for deep cleansing. I prefer scrubs to  be less harsh and more effective . Exfoliation is no doubt a vital step and for that we require a scrub which shows results  . Currently I am obsessed with organic skin care products as they   not only work great but also are much safer than chemical based products  . Junaili is yet another amazing brand which makes 1OO percent natural skin care products, Recently I tried their Apricot scrub  , lets see how it worked for me..


About the brand:-

Cold pressed at 7000 feet in the Kumaon Himalayas from the finest Apricots, their Oils & Scrubs are 100% Pure & Chemical Free. Family Owned & Committed to Sustainable Practices, Junaili Makes & Sells only in small batches. Their No-Compromise Manufacturing style ensures exceptional quality at an affordable price. Made in the Himalayas from finest plant based ingredients, Junaili’s products are effective and safe.

Website :-



The junaili apricot Himalayan scrub comes in a plastic container with a pretty golden metallic cap. Appearance wise the product looks nice as its simple , sturdy and travel friendly too . I absolutely loved the packaging .

Price :-

INR  330/-


Online at their official store – Junaili Store.



My take on the product:-

Apricots  has umpteen skin benefits  since its high in antioxidants it  helps to maintain skin elasticity ,Removes blemishes , blackheads and works as  an excellent exfoliant  . The junaili apricot face scrub comes in    powder   form and smells like pure apricot , I was literally drooled over the fragrance as its not overpowering at all . The good thing about this scurb is that its super finely milled and feels quite soft. One can mix this powder with milk or water and apply directly.  I have used in both ways and believe me the results were great .  I make sure to gently massage the scrub for at least 2-3 minutes and concentrate mainly on blackheads .   This scrub can also be combined with home made face packs or used solo; It works great for body too. Unlike other exfoiliaters this scrub is not at all harsh that’s why it could be suitable  for all skin types . My skin felt  nourished, clear and radiant  post application. The Junaili Himalayan  apricot scrub defiantly wins for me as its gentle and still works great as an exfoiliant by  removing blackheads and unclogging pores. The fact that its completely natural makes this scrub great for  sensitive skin as well  .


Overall verdict:-

Looking for a scrub which is gentle on the skin and shows results effectively ? Then the apricot Himalayan scrub by Junaili is what you require . Unlike other scrubs , this particular does not dry  out  or loose moisture from  your skin . In fact it gently clears out our skin by removing stubborn dirt  and makes your skin radiant , Combine it with milk or water or even face packs to see the results . It smells great and is mild ,  I highly recommend this for all skin types  .

Rating :-



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