Mond’Sub Facial Mask’s review and overall verdict

Facial sheet masks can be called as an instant skin savior  , currently I am loving sheet masks for my skin as they adhere to the skin and infuses serum directly without much efforts plus they feel quite  soothing too. Earlier this famous Korean skin care method was not popular in India but now thanks to brands like mondsub which have made wide range of facial sheet masks accessible. A facial masks wins for me if it provides right moisture  , nourishment and  makes the skin supple like never before. Recently I received  gold facial and moisturizing facial mask from Mondsub collagen series along with an under eye golden patch , Read below to find out how they worked for me …


1] Anti wrinkle and Moisturizing collagen facial mask :-

Claims :-

Formulated with several plant extracted essences, this formula is specially designed for dry skin, mature or prematurely aging skin. The mask can promote skin’s metabolism, balance skin nutriments and water, replenish skin fully, nourish and hydrate skin, increase skin’s vigor …read more [ here ]

Packaging :-

The facial mask comes in a regular sachet packaging which  looks quite pretty , all the details about the mask along with price is mentioned on the packaging as well.

Price :-

INR 200/-

Availability :-

Online at Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal  and


My Take on the product:-

Once we open the pack the mask is neatly folded in three layers ,  chances are there you might get confused but  its really simple as all the instructions are precisely mentioned on the packaging . The mask is packed between a pearlised and a blue fiber film, one could easily feel the mask soaking in serum. The sheet mask  applied really well covering all the areas however I felt they was slight difficulty while adjusting around the mouth area as the slit area was tiny . I liked the fact that even though the mask was drenched in serum after application it dint drip anywhere , one could easily feel a soothing sensation on the skin when its applied . I left the mask for about 30 minutes and then took off, I notice my face feeling quite sticky due to serum but as mentioned in the pack the after removing  it one should rub the serum and rinse it off and that’s what I did. I could easily notice a difference on my face, it was much supple , tightened  and nourished , I cant say anything about wrinkles but it definitely helped In smoothing out my skin , also its effects were all day long and my skin appeared  even better next morning. I loved the hydrating effects of this  mask  definitely  recommend it for all skin types also I have acne prone skin it dint break me out and neither made it oily.


Rating :-


2] Mondsub Gold facial mask :-

Claims :-

This highly effective anti-aging facial mask is an intensive treatment which helps by lifting and nourishing the skin. It can promote and natural collagen production giving you a natural glow. The luxurious and natural skin treatment is being used by many spa’s internationally. This product can gradually release the nutrients under the body temperature ..Read more [Here]

Packaging :-

To be frank I was sold by looking the fancy metallic gold facial rubber mask packed inside a transparent regular sachet with serum infused In it. The packaging does appears luxurious.

Price :

INR 200/-


My take on the product:-

The pretty golden facial mask is quite thick and feels like a rubber rather than the usual facial sheet mask also it feels sticky as its drenched in pleasant smelling serum. I applied the  mask in the usual way however it was quite slippery as its material is  fragile so one needs to be careful , I faced same difficulty which was around the mouth however after adjusting , I kept the mask for 20minutes, while the mask was on  I  felt quite relaxed as it  gave  a cooling sensation on my skin. After peeling the mask off ,I thoroughly massaged excess serum on my face , I notice that it turned my skin super soft and smooth like never before,  also I applied this mask as  a prep for my skin before applying makeup , results were amazing as my entire face appeared radiant and smooth , this mask  did provide a soft glow to my face . I am definitely going to purchase this mask again  as I loved its instant hydrating effects on my skin


Rating :-


3] Crystal collagen gold eye mask :-


MOND’SUB Gold Eye Mask is formulated with nano gold, botonical ingredients and active elements which instantly moisturize, re-hydrate and regenerate your eye skin. The gold bio-collagen eye mask can effectively relieve chronic fatigue, diminish the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, crow-feet lines and around the eye area..Read More [here]

Price :-

INR 100

Packaging :-

The golden under eye patches pair comes in a transparent sachet  , like any other eye patches these are big enough to cover the under eye area .


My take on the product:-

Currently due to lifestyle changes people  usually tend to avoid caring under eye bags , In reality its  the most sensitive area of our  face which should be taken care of .  This eye patch claims to  moisturize , fade dark circles and diminish fine lines , excited as ever I applied this patch and it did stick perfectly without moving . I Kept it for 30 minutes as it felt quite relaxing . Once I removed it , the serum was visibly absorbed into my under eye area as they were no trace of stickiness  unlike their facial masks. Since I used it for one time only I cannot say that it vanished my dark circles or anything but I could say that it did make it less prominent and plus hydrated under eye area to quite an extent. I do have puffiness around my eyes which was immediately reduced post application of this eye patch. I might buy more of these eye patches  as they feel super relaxing and does hydrate the under eye area.


Rating :-



All are for One time use only !

Overall verdict;-

Mondsub collagen series facial mask and eye patch is something one should definitely try as they do help in providing an instant hydrating effect on our skin , I really loved the fact that these masks dint feel harsh on my sensitive skin neither it broke me out . The only thing which bothered me was the design of the mask as the slit provided left atleast one area unattended , for me it was the mouth area,other than that the masks are surely effective . The best part is that Mond’sub provides wide range of facial masks , Make sure to check their website.  Highly Recommend!

*PR samples


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