loreal magic de-crease eye lid primer review , swatch and overall verdict

What  can any  makeup lover do to prolong the wear time of their eye makeup? For me the answer would be a good eye shadow primer which not only would help in increasing  the staying ability of the eye shadows but also would make it appear much vibrant . As I am blessed with oily eye lids I usually face common problems like creasing of kohl and eye shadows  therefore an eye primer was a must for me. I purchased the loreal De-crease eye lid primer as I did heard people raving about it and calling it as a dupe for the famous urban decay eye shadow primer potion, Read below to find out how it actually worked for my eyes…


Packaging :-

The loreal de crease eye lid primer comes in a tiny plastic bottle with a doe foot applicator , overall the packaging is quite basic and is travel friendly too, I really appreciate the easy to use applicator provided with the primer .


9$ Approx conversion – INR 530/-


Got mine from Ulta.com , sadly not available in Indian counters yet.


My take on the product:-

Loreal  magic de crease eye lid primer has a creamy texture which  is easy to blend , it has nude color which basically is quite apt as it would help in bringing out vibrancy in any eye shadows. Its shade is quite comparable to urban decay eye shadows primer potion in the shade eden . I  like that the fact that its creamy however one needs to blend it quickly as it sets fast , as mentioned I do have oily lids and I must say this does work for me as it absorbs oil from my lids and gives a perfect canvas . I also make sure to apply this near my lower lash line in order to prevent smudging of kohl and yes it does work. It has one of those creamy light weight texture which doesn’t settle in eye crease  and makes every eye shadow last much longer ,  I could notice that ever since I have started applying this primer my eyeshadows and kohl stays fade proof and smudge proof for longer time which is what I love about this product. I deem  a primer based on its texture and longevity , this primer is true to its claims as I have used it underneath eye shadows, loose pigments , glitters and kohls and the results were effective .My eye makeup was on points for full 7hours + without creasing or fading . During sweltering heat the only product which survived my eye makeup from Day to night was this primer.


Overall verdict:-

Looking for a universally flattering shade eye lid primer which would help in preventing fading and creasing of eye shadows? Then loreal de crease eye lid primer is something you would love ,  it not only intensifies eye shadows but also helps in keeping it intact and fade proof all day long . Its creamy texture  leaves the perfect canvas for creating long-lasting, crease-proof eye makeup . I really wish this primer should launch in India soon .

Rating :-



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