deBelle moisturizing lotion review and overall verdict

Be it any season , a good moisturizing lotion  is vital for providing hydrating  long time benefits for our skin . I personally prefer lotions which gets easily absorbed into the skin while leaving skin soft and supple. deBelle  is one of those amazing brands which caters all problems related to hair , skin  and creates products with best of nature friendly ingredients .I  recently got my hands on their newly launched moisturizing lotion which claims to be formulated with natural antioxidants and SPF too, excited already ? well me too..Read below to  find out it worked for me …


Packaging :-

The Debelle moisturizing lotion comes in a sleek white plastic bottle with flip cap opening . I absolutely loved the whole appearance of the packaging , it looks pretty and is sturdy too.  The fact that its cap shuts properly makes it travel friendly too.


INR 275/-

Availability :-  ,


My take on the product:

The deBelle moisturizing lotion has a perfect consistency which is neither thin nor thick, its white in color and has a sweet fragrance which is not bothersome at all. Unlike other lotions this moisturizing lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a viable sheen  on the skin , coming to the best part is that it can be used on the face too, I literally applied it all over my face and it just left beautiful sheen without getting greasy as it absorbs rapidly  and blends with an ease. As this lotion is enriched with all natural antioxidants like jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter it helps in providing skin nourishment and radiance .  I feel this a perfect lotion for all skin types as its chemical paraben and sulphate free . Since its smooth texture gets soaked into the skin easily it can be used  before applying makeup and also all over body . The shea butter in it helps in protecting  our skin from environmental damages, therefore making it an excellent ingredient  for SPF protection.  Whenever I apply this lotion on moist skin it just beautifully seals  the moisture and keep the skin soft and supple all day long. For someone with dry skin this lotion could be an ideal option too as it provides hydrating effects to our skin without feeling greasy , currently  I am obsessed with this lotion and been using it for my face and body as it visibly leaves my skin supple and provides perfect radiance .

Overall verdict:-

Fed up for dull skin or dry skin??  Then deBelle moisturizing lotion is a product which could solve this query with an ease. Its natural anti oxidant ingredients not only absorbs into the skin rapidly but also provides multiple  long term  benefits of skin rejuvenation  and natural radiance . The best part about this moisturizing lotion is that its non greasy therefore works great for oily as well as dry skin beauties . The only moisturizer which I am literally using for my face and body  is this one , totally loving it. Highly recommend !

Rating :-



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