How to use tea tree oil |Benefits |Ryaal tea tree oil

Essential oils  are all over the beauty era but mind you these are not to be confused with the regular facial oils , yes as we say oil one should not be intimidated  [ talking about oily skin beauties]  in reality if proper oil is applied into the affected area it could do wonders. Tea tree oil is commonly used over the years for treating major skin ailments because of its strong antiseptic properties in it however it’s really important to use a tea tree oil which is undiluted and 100PERCENT pure . Recently I came across a brand called ryaal which sells pure unfiltered  essentials oils , I got my hands on the tea tree one which I have been using for a while now , I will be sharing different ways to in cooperate tea tree essential oil in your routine and also my experience with it. Read below to find out..


Packaging :-

The ryaal  tea tree oil comes in a beautiful convenient packaging , it comes in a glass bottle and is provided with a dropper therefore making it easy to use and travel friendly as well.

Price :-

INR 269/-

Availability :-

Online at


 My take on the product and its uses :-

The tea tree oil is derived from tea tree plant and is widely used for treating fungal infections , acne, dry cuticles , dandruff , sunburns and much more due to its anti fungal and anti septic properties .As the ryaal  tea tree oil is undiluted , unfiltered  and is free from additives it has strong antiseptic smell to it which is totally fine as its always  recommended to apply it after diluting it with carrier oils like almond , olive or coconut . This tea tree oil is highly concentrated  so people with acne prone sensitive skin should dilute it with other ingredients before using it directly into skin or hair .

Tea Tree oil uses and How :-

1] For acne / pimples/ Pigmentation :-

One of the most effective way to clear dark spots or acne is to use tea tree oil and the best way to use it is to mix 4-5 drops of tea tree oil in aloe vera gel and apply gently over the affected area, rest it for 30 mintues and wash it away with lukewarm water. Another way to apply is to dilute 4-5 drops of tea tree oil with almond oil , soak a cotton pad in it and apply over the affected area and keep it overnight , I have already added this in my night time skin care ritual and believe me its showing the results effectively . The antibacterial nature of oil helps to cure acne in no time

2] For dry skin:-

If you are someone with dry skin and want to regain the lost moisture then make sure to add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil into your regular moisturizer and see the difference , its natural anti inflammatory properties helps to cure dry , itchy and scaling skin . One can also mix it with olive oil and apply directly into the affected area.


3] For hair:-

Tea tree oil provides multiple benefits to hair as well. I was suffering from oily scalp therefore I had heavy occurrence of dandruff but ever since I  started in cooperating tea tree oil in my hair care routine I could visible see a difference in  my hair . I have noticed that my dandruff is almost gone and my hair feels much stronger and healthy. I make sure to add 6-7 drops of tea tree into my regular coconut oil and then apply it all over my hair , leave it overnight and wash it away next day. One can also mix it with regular shampoo . Tea tree oil has the ability to soothe dry scalp and remove dandruff therefore making hair much stronger and shinier.  It can be a great alternative to chemical induced anti dandruff shampoos .

4] For nails :-

For dry cuticles and fungal infection related to nails , tea tree works great as an antiseptic . One should mix 1-2 drops of tea tree oil with a carrier oil and apply it to finger nails and toe nails  in order to purify  and keep nails healthy , it also helps in nail growth .

5]  For massage :-

One of the best ways to use tea tree oil is to steam it and dilute it with another essential oil like lavender or even with a carrier oil like almond or argan and  use it for massaging  thoroughly  all over the  skin, joints and muscles  in order to experience a soothing spa at home . Its natural warmth and clarifying aroma helps in bringing calmness , its definitely an oil which can be used aromatically to feel relaxed.

Overall verdict:-

I have already added tea tree oil as an essential ingredient in my skin and hair care regimen as its showing  results effectively . The ryaal tea tree oil is 100percent pure, unadulterated  and  Superiorly sourced from natural ingredient therefore its antiseptic properties in it works great for skin,nails , hair and making it an affordable plus effective beauty aid in the market . Highly recommend!

Rating :-



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