Auravedic skin lightening oil with saffron turmeric winter cherry review and overall verdict

Facial oils are like a boon for dull uneven and dry skin , constant sun exposure usually results in dark spots and pigmentation . If a right facial oil is used it can do wonders for any skin type , auravedic is one of those brands which creates herbal friendly products . The best part about this brand is that it caters all skin types, I did receive their skin lightening facial oil which claims to lighten dark spots, pigmentation and provide moisturized smooth skin. I have already used this oil a couple of times , lets see how it worked for me….


About auravedic:-

Auravedic is a natural beauty brand which sources and uses only the best local natural ingredients.We are inspired by the ancient knowledge of the Vedas and use this knowledge to harness the cleansing and cosmetic properties of natural ingredients. Read more here….

Packaging :-

The auravedic skin lightening oil comes in a tall rectangular shaped transparent sturdy plastic bottle , its provided with a golden color cap. Once you open it has a wide mouth which is secured with a plastic stopped. I am not a big fan of the packaging as I feel oils should be provided with dropper in order to control the amount , however one can make a slight hole in the center of the plastic stopper  in order to get right amount at every use. Overall packaging is quite simple all the ingredients are mentioned in the label around the bottle . I do feel the packaging could have been much better.

Price :-

INR 250/-

Availability :-

Online at nykaa, amazon , flipkart and


My take on the product:-

The auravedic oil is yellow in color and has a medium consistency basically its not too thick nor too runny. It has citrus kind of smell which actually feels quite refreshing , I like the fact that this oil feels quite light on the skin and absorbs really fast.  The brand claims that this oil is infused with natural key ingredients like..

Sandal oil:-

This oil is known to bring calmness in mind and  works as a natural antiseptic agent for reducing  superficial wounds like pimple, scars and boils.

Saffron oil :-

This oil has many beauty related benefits , its known to provide radiant skin naturally . It has natural antioxidants in it which helps to lighten dark spots and open clogged pores, it basically improves blood circulation in your face hence helps in making skin much toned and firm.

Turmeric oil:-

This oil is well known for its healing properties in it, if used with carrier oil and in moderate amount this oil helps to regain skin elasticity and protects skin from infections and irritation.

Coconut oil:-

This is a nourishing oil which helps to cure dryness and add moisturizing effect to the skin. It’s a well known natural moisturizer for all skin types .

Above are some key ingredients  which are blended in this auravedic oil , I have also noticed that the oil contains strands of saffron in the bottle . I always pour a little amount of oil onto my palm and massage it thoroughly in circular motions all over my face , the best part about this oil is that since its light one can use it either on day or night .Frankly speaking I use it at least two times as it gets absorbed really fast and provides instant  smoothness to the skin. As this oil mainly claims to reduce dark spots and clear pigmentation , I noticed that it does helps in clearing mild superficial type of scars and also reduces pigmentation to an extent however it shows its effective results only after continuous usage for atleast 3 weeks ,its not that kind of oil which would cure deep stubborn dark spots or scars. Since its quite mild in nature , it just provides right amount of hydration to the skin and makes it glowy . Also with this oil little goes a long way , it spreads easily and absorbs fast without leaving an oily residue or greasy feeling behind. I do have oily skin and using this oil neither clogged my pores nor caused any breakouts  or irritation.

Overall verdict:-

Auravedic skin lightening oil works great for fading mild scars,blemishes and discoloration if used daily , the best part is that its in cooperated with natural oils which  makes it suitable even for sensitive skin . If you are someone with dry skin this oil is a must have for you too as it beautifully nourishes and absorbs into skin leaving the skin soft and moisturized . I feel for a facial oil its priced reasonably too , the only thing which I don’t like is its packaging.

Rating :-


*PR sample


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