ryaal black mess activated charcoal mask review and overall verdict

Black charcoal mask which at first site does appear unflattering but is popularly known to remove greasiness / dirt and grime from the skin , it basically deep cleanses our skin . Ryaal is one of those brand which makes pure products , if you follow me you might know that I have already reviewed their tree tea oil which is still working wonders for me as its pure and unadulterated , click here to check out. I was really happy when this brand came out with another product named as the ryaal  black mess activated charcoal mask , obviously my excitement level had to be on peak . I did tried it immediately, read below to find out how it worked for me..

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Packaging :-

The ryaal black mess activated charcoal mask comes in a thick black tub , it doesn’t feel cheap at all which is amazing . I absolutely  loved the packaging  it reminds me of lush mask of magnaminty . Once the cap is open there is transparent plastic cover which keeps the mask extra protected and sealed which I feel is great .Overall it’s a travel friendly and convenient packaging.

Price :-

INR 469/-

Availability :

Online at amazon.in / ryaal .com


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-My take on the product:-

The ryaal black mess mask can be used in three different ways as mentioned by the brand like a mask, cleanser and scrub . The first thing I did was to apply it as a quick cleanser , I noticed the texture to be thick so as directed it should be mixed with either water, rose water or milk . I mixed it with rose water and applied it , my first impression as a cleanser was amazing as it removed greasiness from my face . I like the fact that this mask has gritty texture too which means it can be easily used for deep exfoliation as well , its minute granules works efficiently as a scrub . Since I am blessed with oily skin I do have black heads and this black mess worked great as scrub by clearing out my black heads. Lastly I used it as a mask , I scraped little amount of charcoal mask on a bowl and mixed it with milk [ you can mix it with water or rose water either way it works ] and applied it all over my face . It gave a cooling effect ,the granules present in it dint irritate or felt rough on my skin  , post 15 mins after rinsing my face i could notice that it tightened my skin and minimized the appearance of pores. As the black mess mask is blended with amazing ingredients like activated charcoal , organic dead sea mud , Moroccan lava clay, walnut, peppermint and tea tree oil it works wonders for all skin types . I dint feel dry at all infact my skin felt hydrated and squeaky clean after 2-3 uses  , it also feels  quite refreshing . The fact that it detoxified my skin with less efforts has already made me fall in love with it .

Overall verdict:-

Its no secret in the beauty world that  a pure charcoal mask works efficiently for sweeping away dirt/ oiliness from our face and nothing better than a product which not only has goodness of organic dead sea mud , walnuts and tea tree oil mixed with charcoal but also can be used either as a mask, scrub or cleanser . I have already found an amazing activated charcoal mask which is pure , has the right texture, feels refreshing and does the job of skin detoxification perfectly , it’s the black mess mask by ryaal . Highly recommend!!

Rating :-



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