How to spot fake a huda beauty liquid matte ?

Market is currently flooded with fake makeup products  A.K.A First copy makeup. It has literally  become quite common now , we see  every high end brands be it kylie, huda beauty , urban decay etc..has a first copy of it , sad reality is that not every retailer claims it to be first copy as they sell it by claiming it to be authentic  . Few days ago I was scrolling in kothi balaji bazar [ Hyderabad] which is  like a huge shopping area , I came across a shop in which they were selling huda beauty liquid mattes and were claiming to be 100 percent authentic  . I immediately knew that It was fake one  but I did purchase  with an intention of sharing this post with you all  where i will be comparing the original huda beauty liquid matte V/S fake huda liquid matte and also will give you all the details you need to be aware in order to spot the fake one .FullSizeRender (65)

Since I own the huda liquid matte in bombshell  [ reviewed here] which I purchased from I purchased the fake one in same shade .

FullSizeRender (67)

Packaging :-

The fake and the original huda beauty liquid matte comes in a frosted glass tube bottle , initially for me first glance at the fake liquid matte made me rethink that is it really fake? As the frosted bottle packaging texture was true copy . However the size of fake one is little smaller and wider  than  the original, there is also more   space visible at the  original end side of the tube .

FullSizeRender (57).jpg

Next thing to notice is the brand name written on the fake tube , the font size on the fake one is much bigger plus bold and the word ‘beauty’ is written in purple reflective shade while in original one its written  in subtle pink  and purple reflective colour .

FullSizeRender (54)

The most easiest way to spot the fake one would be checking the back side of the tube where usually the shade name is mentioned,the original one as you can see  has the shade name mentioned along with company details on the sticker while the fake one has only the brand and shade name mentioned .

FullSizeRender (64)FullSizeRender (62)

There is also minute difference in the size of the wands , the original one is slightly longer and has the perfect doe foot shape than the fake one.

FullSizeRender (59)



INR 200/-

Texture , Shade and Smell :-

As I have already mentioned in my huda beauty liquid matte review post that unlike usual liquid lipsticks the huda beauty one’s are liquidy in texture and dries into matte finish without feeling drying which is great. On the other hand the  fake liquid matte has a thick texture which feels  horribly drying  and can easily make anyone’s lips feel tacky as well as  uncomfortable , it gives a patchy application . In general I love huda beauty liquid matte smell as it reminds me of vanilla cupcakes , the fake one has a strong chemical smell which does not feel overwhelming at all.

Below are the side by side swatches of fake and original huda beauty liquid matte in bombshell.

FullSizeRender (58)

As we can clearly see shade difference here , the original bombshell is more peachy nude shade  while the fake looks more like a brown shade .

FullSizeRender (66)

Overall there is considerable amount of difference in every way between the fake and original one , that is why it is really vital to purchase products from authentic websites only . I can never recommend you all trying out first copy of makeup products as those are made with harsh chemicals which are not suitable for our skin. Its quite scary to get duped by any retailer who sells it easily  by claiming it to be authentic and also giving it at attractive prices than the original one .  I will always recommend you all shopping it directly from brands website or sephora / cultbeauty  or even few instagram retailers who sells authentic products only , do let me know  if you require a blog post on the instagram retailers who sells original international makeup products only. Hope you find this post helpful !!


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11 thoughts on “How to spot fake a huda beauty liquid matte ?

  1. My hubby bought me one on and it was a class A copycat. I also made a comparison with the original one I noticed the brand name fonts immediately.

    Great review.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Was duped today amd bought bomshell I just knew from start it was fake because of price though retailer promised its not thanks for this


  3. God seriously I bought one today here in my local store, and I’d like to ask you if you every tried putting the original lipmate to your nail? I tried this one I bought today and I dare to tell you it stuck there even I rinse it with water. Dried, color didnt wear off and even textured like wall paint. My lips feels irritated (but maybe because I am allergic. I dunno).


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