7 essential skin care tips this winter

Winter is round the corner , its that time of the year where skin starts to appear  rough, dull  and everybody craves for the perfect glowy skin during this weather . The usual skin care regimen should be changed a bit in order to achieve lost moisture from our fragile winter skin .  It should  be all about  keeping our skin healthy all time, be it oily or dry skin following are Seven essential tips which can help you achieve glowy winter ready skin..

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1] Hydrate yourself:-

In contrast to summer people usually avoid drinking fluids during winter and prefer hot beverages , but it is vital to indulge in fluids during this weather too . Make sure to drink warm water if you crave for something hot and for extra hydration  squish some lemon as it will help you feel  fresh and will also avoid dehydration .


2] Moisturize right away:-

Yes heard it right! Even if you are not going to apply makeup and just sit at home , its always better to moisturize right after you wash your face. Application of moisturizer on damp skin helps to lock the moisture in our skin, use a moisturizer which  has  nourishing formula and has hydrating ingredients like jojoba ,lavender and coconut oils etc..


3] Keep dead cells at bay:-

EXFOILIATE is the key for it , for the skin radiance its vital to keep dead cells away from our skin for that nothing beats usage of good scrub . Even if you have sensitive skin , exfoliation is as important as moisturizer or cleanser it’s not an added step but a must method for all skin types as it improves blood circulation while clearing out the skin. Make sure to do this step at least twice a week and use mild scrubs which are in cooperated with natural ingredients or nothing better than mixture of olive oil and sugar or honey and salt !


4] Make oils your best friend :-

Facial oils which are light weight and  works best for all skin types , in winter when our skin tends to flake it always a good idea to indulge in good facial oil which has blend of all natural oils and the one which absorbs into the skin leaving it moisturized . Massaging nice amount of facial oil daily helps to add a healthy glow to our face .

essential oils with rose hips

5] Avoid harsh skin care :-

Yes ! As we say harsh  here I point to all the cleansers and toners  which has to be changed during this weather . Usually acne prone skin tends to use products which has salicylic acid for their acne but as we don’t want further dryness from the harsh ingredients its always better to switch to  toners  and cleansers which are towards hydrating side . Try using rose water as a toner as it refines pores and feels hydrating and use a cleanser which has gentle properties in it.


6] Yes to Korean method:-

The famous facial sheet masks should always be stocked up as they are a must have product when you need an instant moisture  boost in your skin . They not only provide cooling effect but also helps to keep your skin supple and hydrated for all day. They are serum infused therefore will have high water retention capability in it which will help to nourish and moisturize our skin instantly . Currently many skin care brands are coming with facial sheet masks so better to stock it up .


6] Final step before sleep:-

Night time skin care routine is one thing which should not be avoided during winter , During this time it is good idea to invest on night creams which are heavy  as while we sleep our skin needs a rejuvenation and for that a rich nourishing cream works best. Our skin moisture level increases during night , regular usage of night creams helps to make our supple , healthy and radiant .


Little more pampering  with usage of moisturizers  is imperative  for our  fragile skin during harsh winters  and it is really important to know that transformation to healthy skin requires consistency , there is no magical product which gives result within a day. Above routine if followed on regular basis surely shows results in long run. Hope you find these tips helpful !

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