colorbar precision waterproof liquid liner review , swatch and overall verdict

A makeup product which helps in defining our eyes and taking it to next level is a black liner but as tempting as it sounds in reality its not the easiest makeup product to apply when in hurry however if we find a liner with a precise tip , long wearing formula and jet black shade then it can easily turn our makeup game. I personally prefer liners which have the perfect precise tip and quick drying formula , so as I was searching for the same I came across precision liquid liner from colorbar as it had claims which matched my criteria . I have tried it couple of times lets see how it worked for me….


Packaging :-

The colorbar precision liner comes in tiny bottle with a sleek metallic silver handle which actually  looks attractive . Overall the whole appearance of this liquid liner is nice and is travel friendly too.

Price :-

INR 280/- [ On discount at ]

Availability :- , and colorbar counters.



My take on the product:-

Pigmentation, shade, texture and staying ability:-

The colorbar  precision liquid liner is quite pigmented and is jet black in color . It does not have super runny texture which is fine for me as it helps to give controlled application and it dries really fast . I like the fact that it gives an intense matte finish . Coming to the applicator , I do like the long handle of the brush and its precise tip as it really helps me to draw the perfect liner . The best part about this liner is that it dries fast, doesn’t smudge nor cracks and is intense black in shade. It dint irritate or budge my eyes which is great , not to forget its waterproof as well. I  can possibly imagine wearing this liner everyday even if I am in a hurry as A] It dries fast like really fast  B] its matte black  and C] the most important point it has precise tip .

Coming to the staying ability , this liner stays on my oily lids for 6-7 hours after which it doesn’t disappear but its intensity fades . I feel its waterproof , smudgeproof , crack proof [ if it’s a word 😉 ] and staying ability as per the price is truly commendable !


Overall verdict :-

If you are looking for a liner which  has  intense black shade ,Matte finish, precise tip  and is waterproof then colorbar precision liquid liner is the product which will match every point mentioned above. However I feel the quantity is little less than usual liquid liners in market but nonetheless its amazing qualities makes me negate this point not to forget its affordable too . Highly recommend!




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