L.A Colors browie wowie tinted brow gel review, swatch and overall verdict

The one feature which usually is underestimated is our eyebrows, in reality perfect brows are quite vital as it makes our whole makeup presentable. I personally feel eyebrows and  mascara are the two products which can easily make eyes pop and stand effortlessly.  An eye brow gel is popularly known to set and add a thicker defined look to our brows, as I was searching for the same I came across L.A colors browie wowie tinted brow gel and purchased it immediately as it appeared quite promising to me plus was super affordable too [ Thanks to black Friday sale ;]. Lets see how it worked for me…


Packaging :-

The L.A colour tinted browie wowie gel comes in a dark brown color tube along with a black cap which has the attached wand. I really like the size of wand as it is long and has nice spiral bristles more like a mascara . The tip of the bristles are pointed therefore it helps in precise application .  The only thing which I personally don’t like about the packaging is the cap which doesn’t click when it shuts , that being said it doesn’t leak or anything but certain sturdiness  is missing which is fine as for the price the whole look is quite nice and travel friendly.

Price :-

INR 234/-

Availability :-

Got it during sale at www.hokmakeup.com [ for anyone wondering this is an Indian website which sells authentic makeup from brands like L.A girl, L.A colors and makeup revolution ]


My take on the product :-

The L.A colors tinted brow gel comes in three shades universally namely soft brown, dark brown and universal taupe. I purchased the shade universal taupe  as the color appeared perfect for my brow color . Mind you I have never used a tinted brow gel ever in my life as I am always the pencil brow kind of person who prefers much softer look little did I knew that tinted gel can also make the brow look more defined yet natural if right shade is taken. Here I want to clear that the shade universal taupe works accurately for me as it has a light grey color which doesn’t look overpowering, so make sure to pick right shade . This tinted gel has thick creamy texture and is supremely pigmented therefore one needs to make sure to pick light amount of gel and apply. Initially it applies easily and gives an immediate fuller look to the brows , after few seconds it merges into our brows and adds thickness  to our brows . I always apply this gel as a secondary step to my brows , the first thing I do is fill my brows with a brow pencil and then set it with this tinted gel . I could easily see a noticeable difference in brows when I set it as it adds a defined look to the brows. The best part about this gel is that it sets and blends into the  brows quickly without looking messy and keeps brow hair intact all day long not to forget its waterproof too. However since it’s a brow gel I would recommend to apply it only after you fill the brows with pencil or eye shadow ,It should be applied with light hands for a defined look.  Baby oil or any makeup remover easily removes this gel .


Here i have set my brows using LA Colors tinted brow gel in universal taupe

Coming to the staying ability , the L.A colors tinted brow gel kept my brows intact and smudge proof for all day long, i even remember rubbing my brows with fingers but still it dint budge neither made my brows appear messy.

Overall verdict :-

If you are looking for a brow gel which is affordable , pigmented ,blends quickly , has creamy formula and is easy to apply then L.A colors tinted brow gel is the product you will love. I really like the way it adds definition to my brows and keep it in place all day long  without getting smudged, its small bristles helps in easy application . However with that being said I want to mention that with this gel light hand application works the best otherwise it looks overpowering, therefore make sure to pick right shade in order to make your eyebrows appear naturally defined.

Rating :-



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