glamego subscription box/February/unboxing and review

Glamego is here again with surprises! If you are following me for a while you might know that this subscription box has clearly become my favorite. This month is all about pampering your loved ones therefore glamego came out with a cool idea where in the subscriber has an option of choosing between makeup and skincare , so I picked up skin care and even shared my skin type so that they curate box accordingly!  I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on the box , read below to find out more details about  February glamego box……


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PAC Retro matte gloss V2.0 review, swatch and overall verdict

Current makeup era is all about liquid lipsticks, every brand is always on the go for the perfect formulation . PAC  is one of those high street brands which is quite famous for their quality products and affordable price range, I really appreciate the fact that they have every product in an extensive range which makes them an excellent brand in it self. A while ago I did purchased their revamped formula of their retro matte gloss in shade 27, Read below to find out how it worked for me…


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Loreal infallible pro matte 24 hour foundation review, swatch and overall verdict

It’s every makeup lover’s dream to find a foundation which is as per their skin type, has right coverage and is long lasting. Loreal is one of those drugstore brands which is quite popular for their foundations, their infallible range is quite raved among beauty influencers. My review revolves around their infamous foundation namely infallible pro matte 24hour foundation, they even came to out with another variant of this one called as pro glow but I believe that is more on dewy side / suitable for dry skin. As I am blessed with oily skin I got my hands on this one, read below to find how it worked for me..


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Eleanor beauty review and overall verdict

I am the happiest person on universe when I try products from a brand which is new to me. Eleanor is a beauty brand which is made in Italy and is now available in India, recently I received their trio eye shadow and lipsticks via glamrada  . It is an affordable cosmetics brand that looks and feels luxurious, has prestige quality and masstige pricing .I have been using Eleanor products for a while , read below to find more  details.


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Sugar blend the rules eye shadow quad – 07 Applause review, swatch and overall verdict

Mini eyeshadow quads always wins for me if they have all the essential shades in it , Sugar cosmetics recently launched their first ever eye shadows . As I am already impressed with their other launches and products I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their eye shadows , I purchased it during the steal the kit offer during new year where in I had a chance to choose any three sugar products of my choice regardless of their price and get it at 999/- only [ how cool was that offer !!]. The brand was kind enough to send a complimentary makeup pouch and calendar along with my order . So coming to the review , I picked up 07 applause eye shadow quad , read below to find out how it worked for me..


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Makeup Giveaway

Hey beautiful people thank you soo much for helping me reach 2k followers it means a lot . As we are all makeup lovers here i am giving few products which you might like , so enter if you wish to win. However do follow all the rules as stated below ❤ . I wish i could give each one of you something , therefore i will be hosting more giveaways in future so please don’t be sad if you dint get lucky this time ❤ . Thank you all once again ❤


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Glamego subscription box/January/ Unboxing and review.

If you are following me then you might know that last month I have raved about the most amazing subscription box known as glamego [ click here for review ] , as I was highly impressed with it I couldn’t wait to get hold of yet another box from the same in the upcoming month.   I received the January box quite recently, read below to find out about the products featured in this month…


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too faced La Matte lipsticks review, swatch and overall verdict

How many times did you feel that you are done liquid lipsticks ? Well with current cold weather situation I feel I am done with it [ for a while  😉 ] therefore I am currently gravitating more towards lipstick or matte lip crayons . A while ago I purchased too faced la matte lipsticks  in shades troublemaker and pitch perfect as they claim to have a non-drying matte formula , Personally I am always on a look for comfortable wear matte formula for my lips. Are these lipsticks true to its claims? Read below to find out…


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Sigma warm neutral eyeshadow palette review, swatch and overall verdict

As true as  it sounds i can never have too many of  neutral eye shadows, I have always preferred warm neutral eye shadows over bold. Sigma is a well-known high end brand which is popular for their brushes in makeup industry , if you follow me on my social media accounts then you might know that a couple of months ago I received a box full of amazing sigma products , check out details here . Among which one of the product was their classic best seller the  warm neutral eyeshadow palette . My excitement was on another level for obvious reasons 😉 . Therefore this review revolves around this eye shadow palette , I have been using this for a while now  so read below to find out how it actually turned out for me..


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