Newly launched DeBelle Skin moisturizers review and overall verdict

Moisturizers are vital and one of the must have product in your skin care , the current fluctuating weather  results in skin dehydration therefore it  becomes necessary  to use a moisturizer which is powerfully packed with all hydrating benefits . DeBelle being  one of my favorite brands in skin care recently launched their skin moisturizers which is available in 4 variants namely –  Orange Blaze, Blueberry Burst, Cocoa Blush and Green Tea Infusion.  So I recently got my hands on two of these skin moisturizers which I have been using for a while now . Previously I did try their moisturizing lotion [review here] which I absolutely love . However did this newly launch skin moisturizers worked as good as their previous product? Read below to find out………..


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makeup revolution renaissance glow palette review , swatch and overall verdict

Nothing beats that feeling of happiness when you buy new makeup products specifically a new highlighter, I love highlighters well who doesn’t? However I do have certain preferences when it comes to highlighter [ you will get to know more about it in this review ] .So this review revolves around a product which I finally found in India online at Hok makeup , its called as makeup revolution renaissance glow palette which is a duo palette consisting of a bronzer and highlighter .I literally couldn’t stop adding this beautiful looking palette in my cart . My excitement was on peak when I received it , read below to find out how it actually worked for me ….


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Glamego Subscription Box/ December/ Unboxing and review

Subscription boxes are the coolest thing ever as one gets little box of surprises every month ! The best part is every month these boxes have unique themes which makes any individual curious  and can be great for gifting as well, not to forget they even provide choices from makeup to skin care products ! As we are speaking about this I came across  Glamego which is known as India’s Number 1 Beauty subscription box for couple of reasons number 1] Its budget friendly  and 2] One gets around 4-5 Deluxe and full size makeup/Skin care products which are handpicked by experts every month!  Read below to find out more about glamego and products which I received in December box …


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L.A Colors browie wowie tinted brow gel review, swatch and overall verdict

The one feature which usually is underestimated is our eyebrows, in reality perfect brows are quite vital as it makes our whole makeup presentable. I personally feel eyebrows and  mascara are the two products which can easily make eyes pop and stand effortlessly.  An eye brow gel is popularly known to set and add a thicker defined look to our brows, as I was searching for the same I came across L.A colors browie wowie tinted brow gel and purchased it immediately as it appeared quite promising to me plus was super affordable too [ Thanks to black Friday sale ;]. Lets see how it worked for me…


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Wet n wild megalast liquid cat suit matte lipsticks review , swatch and overall verdict

If you are a makeup lover then you know the feeling you get when try out new liquid lipstick , I am always excited to try out lipsticks from different brand.  Here I will be sharing my thoughts from a well-known drugstore brand called as wet n wild . The  product is particularly new for me as I have never their liquid lipsticks before, but I heard people raving about it therefore the makeup curiosity   in me was at  a level that I had to try two shades from their catsuit liquid lipsticks named as – rebel rose and coral corruption. Lets see how they worked for me..


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10 makeup must haves for party

With  the arrival of upcoming festivities or wedding season every individual can look strikingly beautiful and make a statement by using only 10 makeup products ! Thanks to social media influence people do have misconceptions about makeup products , yes as sad truth is people think in order to look effortless one needs to own several makeup products ! In reality, only few essential products in your kit can actually help you achieve the perfect party makeup.

In this post I will share with you  10  makeup products  with you which  can help you create your go to party kit for the upcoming celebrations , not to forget these products can be easily carried too if you are attending a destination wedding !


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colorbar precision waterproof liquid liner review , swatch and overall verdict

A makeup product which helps in defining our eyes and taking it to next level is a black liner but as tempting as it sounds in reality its not the easiest makeup product to apply when in hurry however if we find a liner with a precise tip , long wearing formula and jet black shade then it can easily turn our makeup game. I personally prefer liners which have the perfect precise tip and quick drying formula , so as I was searching for the same I came across precision liquid liner from colorbar as it had claims which matched my criteria . I have tried it couple of times lets see how it worked for me….


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7 essential skin care tips this winter

Winter is round the corner , its that time of the year where skin starts to appear  rough, dull  and everybody craves for the perfect glowy skin during this weather . The usual skin care regimen should be changed a bit in order to achieve lost moisture from our fragile winter skin .  It should  be all about  keeping our skin healthy all time, be it oily or dry skin following are Seven essential tips which can help you achieve glowy winter ready skin..

FullSizeRender (69)

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How to spot fake a huda beauty liquid matte ?

Market is currently flooded with fake makeup products  A.K.A First copy makeup. It has literally  become quite common now , we see  every high end brands be it kylie, huda beauty , urban decay etc..has a first copy of it , sad reality is that not every retailer claims it to be first copy as they sell it by claiming it to be authentic  . Few days ago I was scrolling in kothi balaji bazar [ Hyderabad] which is  like a huge shopping area , I came across a shop in which they were selling huda beauty liquid mattes and were claiming to be 100 percent authentic  . I immediately knew that It was fake one  but I did purchase  with an intention of sharing this post with you all  where i will be comparing the original huda beauty liquid matte V/S fake huda liquid matte and also will give you all the details you need to be aware in order to spot the fake one .FullSizeRender (65)

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