How to use tea tree oil |Benefits |Ryaal tea tree oil

Essential oils  are all over the beauty era but mind you these are not to be confused with the regular facial oils , yes as we say oil one should not be intimidated  [ talking about oily skin beauties]  in reality if proper oil is applied into the affected area it could do wonders. Tea tree oil is commonly used over the years for treating major skin ailments because of its strong antiseptic properties in it however it’s really important to use a tea tree oil which is undiluted and 100PERCENT pure . Recently I came across a brand called ryaal which sells pure unfiltered  essentials oils , I got my hands on the tea tree one which I have been using for a while now , I will be sharing different ways to in cooperate tea tree essential oil in your routine and also my experience with it. Read below to find out..


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deBelle moisturizing lotion review and overall verdict

Be it any season , a good moisturizing lotion  is vital for providing hydrating  long time benefits for our skin . I personally prefer lotions which gets easily absorbed into the skin while leaving skin soft and supple. deBelle  is one of those amazing brands which caters all problems related to hair , skin  and creates products with best of nature friendly ingredients .I  recently got my hands on their newly launched moisturizing lotion which claims to be formulated with natural antioxidants and SPF too, excited already ? well me too..Read below to  find out it worked for me …


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loreal magic de-crease eye lid primer review , swatch and overall verdict

What  can any  makeup lover do to prolong the wear time of their eye makeup? For me the answer would be a good eye shadow primer which not only would help in increasing  the staying ability of the eye shadows but also would make it appear much vibrant . As I am blessed with oily eye lids I usually face common problems like creasing of kohl and eye shadows  therefore an eye primer was a must for me. I purchased the loreal De-crease eye lid primer as I did heard people raving about it and calling it as a dupe for the famous urban decay eye shadow primer potion, Read below to find out how it actually worked for my eyes…


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Mond’Sub Facial Mask’s review and overall verdict

Facial sheet masks can be called as an instant skin savior  , currently I am loving sheet masks for my skin as they adhere to the skin and infuses serum directly without much efforts plus they feel quite  soothing too. Earlier this famous Korean skin care method was not popular in India but now thanks to brands like mondsub which have made wide range of facial sheet masks accessible. A facial masks wins for me if it provides right moisture  , nourishment and  makes the skin supple like never before. Recently I received  gold facial and moisturizing facial mask from Mondsub collagen series along with an under eye golden patch , Read below to find out how they worked for me …


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Tarte Lipsculptor lipstick and ligloss review, swatch and overall verdict

My addiction for  lipsticks  are for real. People say summers call for bright lips while winter calls for deep reds but in my case be it any season I love my nudes.  Tarte is one of those high end brands which creates amazing  products  that are usually  raved about , I have tried their mascara  and liner  and was absolutely blown away with the results [ P.S review coming soon] . Today my post will revolve around tarte lip sculptor and lipgloss  from their double duty collection in shade VIP   . Lets see how it worked for me.


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Sephora colorful blush review , swatch and overall verdict

Blushes have the power to give a healthy flush to our cheeks, I totally love the pinched effect it provides. A Right blush if applied correctly can make any one appear beautiful. Its very vital to choose blush which suits our skin tone and at the same time has good  blendability . The brand sephora has totally impressed me by their colorful blush line as they provide  wide range of shades , recently I got my hands on their  colorful blush in “ I am shocked “, pretty fancy name though!! Lets see how it worked for me.


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Damsel code Review |Buy trendy and stylish jewellery Online

Accessories are my weakness, I absolutely love trendy statement jewellery as they just complete the whole look. As festivities are round the corner I was searching for a website  which would provide me stylish jewellery at doorstep without any hassle  and that’s when I came across damsel code , which is an online website which exclusively sells contemporary  fashion jewellery at an affordable price tag , along with that they also provide monthly subscription boxes  . I recently ordered their vanity box – which is one of the jewellery subscription option from damsel code.Read below to find out what I received and more details about the website …


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Junaili Apricot Scrub Review and overall verdict

Scrubs are boon for oily skin as they are quite useful for deep cleansing. I prefer scrubs to  be less harsh and more effective . Exfoliation is no doubt a vital step and for that we require a scrub which shows results  . Currently I am obsessed with organic skin care products as they   not only work great but also are much safer than chemical based products  . Junaili is yet another amazing brand which makes 1OO percent natural skin care products, Recently I tried their Apricot scrub  , lets see how it worked for me..


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Guess What Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are best as they are full of surprises ,Well ‘Guess what’ Box is  the newest in market. I have already subscribed to them and recently received their MAY edition box ,  They have monthly packages and you get about  5-7 Full size premium products , How cool right ? Also all products will be related either  to beauty, fashion, clothing , lifestyle or even food. As the name says “guess what” true to its name its quite a  mystery till you receive . This post will be like an unboxing and review of the guess what may edition box. 


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