Nykaa skin genius foundation , review , swatch and overall verdict

An overall makeup look can be stated as flawless with a right foundation , usually when it comes to everyday kind of base I prefer light coverage foundations . Nykaa being an online beauty portal are slowly stepping their game high by new launches , they have launched lip sticks , lipcrayons, eyeliners, metallic nail paints etc not to forget they did add base products too which is a compact powder and a foundation. Today my review revolves around their newest launch which is the skin genius foundation, it did attracted me as it claim to have unique  skin adapting technology  and hyaluronic acid which imparts glow . I got the shade 02 almond beige , lets see how it worked for me…

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Sigma beauty

Key to achieve the perfectly flawless makeup are good brushes , sigma is a well-known brand in the makeup industry and is popular for its high quality brushes . I was really overwhelmed and excited when sigma sent me a box of their  goodies and welcomed me to be a part of their affiliate program . Before I unbox the products I received I want to thank each one of you for being a part of my blog and helping me grow in this journey , without you all it wouldn’t be possible. Major thanks to Sigma beauty as a company who trusted me . Read below to find out what all I received ..

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Huda beauty rose gold eyeshadow palette [worth the hype?] review, swatch and overall verdict

Today’s review is  about an eyeshadow palette which has taken a storm over social media , Well for obvious reasons as its created by the top beauty influencer huda kattan. As an aspiring blogger myself  I absolutely adore her  . I was literally amazed to see the color selection in the rose gold textured eyeshadow palette, even though it had mixed reviews plus was quite expensive I could not resist purchasing it. It’s a limited edition palette as I heard its going get discontinued after the new desert dusk palette launch. I got this few months back and have been using for a while now. Did I found this palette worth the hype or does this palette makes me want to invest again in her new  desert dusk palette? Read below to find out my thoughts on it along with swatches…

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Maybelline instant age rewind concealer review , swatch and overall verdict

If you are someone who is a makeup addict like me then you would probably  know the hype around the product which I am going to review today it’s the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer. This concealer is not a new launch but has been recently accessible to India which is amazing as it was on my wish list since the longest time ever. I have literally seen beauty gurus swearing by this concealer , excited like always I purchased the concealer in shade Medium, lets see how it worked for me..IMG_4713

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New try sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks swatch ,review and overall verdict |Blush rush | wooed by nude

Lipsticks are the makeup product which can instantly amp up our makeup to another level. I personally prefer slightly muted lip colors as they go well with almost every makeup look. So recently sugar cosmetics added 10 brand new shades to their smudge me not liquid lipsticks and I was super excited as majority of the shades belonged to the family of brown nudes , I did  reviewed their previous smudge me not liquid lipsticks  [ in case you missed it just click the link] therefore picked two new shades from the same range namely 13 wooed by nude and 15 blush rush !! Lets see how they worked for me …


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Maybelline fashion brow cream pencil review, swatch and overall verdict

Eyebrows on fleek is the latest trend in the makeup era , I personally love keeping my eyebrows presentable as it enhances the whole look. Maybelline is one of my favorite high street brands which is stepping up its game in India by launching brow products. When it comes to brow I usually prefer pencils rather than pomades as it gives much natural defined look to my brows . I recently tried the new fashion brow cream pencil by Maybelline which is available in two shades brown and grey , lets see how it worked for me .

IMG_3762 (1)

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Morphe 35O palette review, swatch and overall verdict

Warm neutrals are the kind of shades which I prefer when it comes to eyeshadows . Morphe is one of the amazing brands which is always been popular among beauty gurus and makeup artists . I was literally confused on the website while scrolling as the options provided by morphe were huge but the inner me got attracted towards the much hyped and popular 35O matte palette as those colors appeared beautiful to me. I have already started playing with this beauty , let’s see how it worked for me…


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Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks in Lolita and bauhau5 Review, swatch and overall verdict

Liquid lipsticks are my weakness, the inner makeup lover in me  attracts  towards liquid lipsticks ! I do like liquid lipsticks[not guilty] but at the same time I prefer their formula to be comfortable .Katvond is one of those amazing high end brands which contains some of the cult favorites like the contour palette and not to forget her ever lasting liquid lipsticks .  Luckily I got my hands on two of their  liquid lipsticks in shades Lolita and bauhau5, lets see how it worked for me..


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loreal magic de-crease eye lid primer review , swatch and overall verdict

What  can any  makeup lover do to prolong the wear time of their eye makeup? For me the answer would be a good eye shadow primer which not only would help in increasing  the staying ability of the eye shadows but also would make it appear much vibrant . As I am blessed with oily eye lids I usually face common problems like creasing of kohl and eye shadows  therefore an eye primer was a must for me. I purchased the loreal De-crease eye lid primer as I did heard people raving about it and calling it as a dupe for the famous urban decay eye shadow primer potion, Read below to find out how it actually worked for my eyes…


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