Schwarzkopf gliss hair repair conditioner review and Overall verdict

It’s that time of the year when our hair gives us a tough time here I am referring to the current humid hot weather .Conditioner is one such product which can help during these days as they increase moisture levels in our hair thereby making it more manageable and frizz free, as I was searching for one I came across Schwarzkopf  gliss hair repair conditioner which claimed to repair damaged hair ! I have an oily scalp with occurrence of dandruff, as Schwarzkopf is a well-known professional hair care brand I purchased it immediately. I have been using it for a while now, read below to find out how it worked for me..


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How to use tea tree oil |Benefits |Ryaal tea tree oil

Essential oils  are all over the beauty era but mind you these are not to be confused with the regular facial oils , yes as we say oil one should not be intimidated  [ talking about oily skin beauties]  in reality if proper oil is applied into the affected area it could do wonders. Tea tree oil is commonly used over the years for treating major skin ailments because of its strong antiseptic properties in it however it’s really important to use a tea tree oil which is undiluted and 100PERCENT pure . Recently I came across a brand called ryaal which sells pure unfiltered  essentials oils , I got my hands on the tea tree one which I have been using for a while now , I will be sharing different ways to in cooperate tea tree essential oil in your routine and also my experience with it. Read below to find out..


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Satthwa premium hair oil review and overall verdict

Owning a voluminous shiny healthy hair is almost every girls dream, I always wish to have that “good hair day” tag almost every day. The current sweltering weather can easily cause breakage, oily scalp and heavy dandruff occurrence to our hair, therefore it becomes vital to use proper hair care products. Deep oiling method is nothing new but its often underestimated as people usually avoid oiling hair , In reality if right hair oil is added in  our hair care  regimen it can actually do wonders for any individuals hair be it a men or women . Today my whole post is around a regrowth premium hair oil from the brand satthwa  which I have been using ever since I received it  , lets see how it worked for me ..


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How amazing  does it feels when you get hand made products at your doorstep without any hassle,  if you are thinking that I am talking about a usual  beauty website here then you are wrong as the website which I am referring to is quite unique in its own way. The idea behind the website – Qtrove  is to cater us by providing the best of nature friendly products, Unlike other website you won’t find umpteen options and get confused but you find natural sustainable products for you which are created by handpicked expertise. One can shop handmade healthy baked food/beverages , house hold essentials, pet care , skin/hair / body products and much more at  Qtrove. Read below to find out my experience with the website , the products which I received via qtrove and  an exciting discount code….

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tried and tested castor oil benefits

Who would wonder that a simple oil would do magic for hair and skin, well at least I would not but ever since I in cooperated this magic potion a.k.a castor oil in my life I have drastically experienced a difference. Castor oil has been around for long time and it’s been used as a tonic for skin, hair and body related problems.  This oil is derived from the seeds of castor oil plant [ Ricinus Communis] , Majority might  think it as a raw unpolished product but in reality this product has all natural medicinal healing properties in it which can does wonders for hair, skin and body . Today I will be sharing few of the Benefits which have been tried and worked for me. …

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l’Oreal paris 6 oil in nourish oil-in-cream review and overall verdict

I have oily scalp therefore I always opt  easy to use products for my hair  basically one which require less task and still would help me achieve the ‘good hair day’ everyday. We all know that washing our hair daily is not recommended as it causes stress to our hair. Serums , hair creams , dry shampoos etc.. are made for the days when we want to  make our pretty hair manageable without shampooing it.  Lately due to weather my hair is giving me tough time, so I thought to try the L’Oreal Paris 6 oil nourish in cream as it claims attracted me to purchase it. Lets see how to worked ….


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