Auravedic skin lightening oil with saffron turmeric winter cherry review and overall verdict

Facial oils are like a boon for dull uneven and dry skin , constant sun exposure usually results in dark spots and pigmentation . If a right facial oil is used it can do wonders for any skin type , auravedic is one of those brands which creates herbal friendly products . The best part about this brand is that it caters all skin types, I did receive their skin lightening facial oil which claims to lighten dark spots, pigmentation and provide moisturized smooth skin. I have already used this oil a couple of times , lets see how it worked for me….


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How to use tea tree oil |Benefits |Ryaal tea tree oil

Essential oils  are all over the beauty era but mind you these are not to be confused with the regular facial oils , yes as we say oil one should not be intimidated  [ talking about oily skin beauties]  in reality if proper oil is applied into the affected area it could do wonders. Tea tree oil is commonly used over the years for treating major skin ailments because of its strong antiseptic properties in it however it’s really important to use a tea tree oil which is undiluted and 100PERCENT pure . Recently I came across a brand called ryaal which sells pure unfiltered  essentials oils , I got my hands on the tea tree one which I have been using for a while now , I will be sharing different ways to in cooperate tea tree essential oil in your routine and also my experience with it. Read below to find out..


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deBelle moisturizing lotion review and overall verdict

Be it any season , a good moisturizing lotion  is vital for providing hydrating  long time benefits for our skin . I personally prefer lotions which gets easily absorbed into the skin while leaving skin soft and supple. deBelle  is one of those amazing brands which caters all problems related to hair , skin  and creates products with best of nature friendly ingredients .I  recently got my hands on their newly launched moisturizing lotion which claims to be formulated with natural antioxidants and SPF too, excited already ? well me too..Read below to  find out it worked for me …


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Mond’Sub Facial Mask’s review and overall verdict

Facial sheet masks can be called as an instant skin savior  , currently I am loving sheet masks for my skin as they adhere to the skin and infuses serum directly without much efforts plus they feel quite  soothing too. Earlier this famous Korean skin care method was not popular in India but now thanks to brands like mondsub which have made wide range of facial sheet masks accessible. A facial masks wins for me if it provides right moisture  , nourishment and  makes the skin supple like never before. Recently I received  gold facial and moisturizing facial mask from Mondsub collagen series along with an under eye golden patch , Read below to find out how they worked for me …


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Junaili Apricot Scrub Review and overall verdict

Scrubs are boon for oily skin as they are quite useful for deep cleansing. I prefer scrubs to  be less harsh and more effective . Exfoliation is no doubt a vital step and for that we require a scrub which shows results  . Currently I am obsessed with organic skin care products as they   not only work great but also are much safer than chemical based products  . Junaili is yet another amazing brand which makes 1OO percent natural skin care products, Recently I tried their Apricot scrub  , lets see how it worked for me..


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krishkare dead sea mud mask review and overall verdict

The current sweltering weather is  giving  a tough time for my skin. The way our body craves for right detox in the similar manner our skin requires good detox too.  Masks can be called as skin saviors’ as they feel great when applied . Mud masks are well known for diminishing  skin impurities as they are rich in anti oxidants . I have been lately using  the dead sea mud mask which is actually a new launch  by the brand krishkare , Lets see how it worked for me :-


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ponds pimple clear face wash review and overall verdict

The struggle for achieving  an  acne free skin is real for me, I guess every one can relate to this. When it comes to skin care I am really fussy about the products which I choose thanks to my oily skin , I feel its really vital to choose products as per skin type. Ponds is one of those brands which I have been using since ages , I absolutely  love their deep cleansing black foaming face wash but this time I wanted to try their newly launched face wash which thankfully is created for people who are blessed with acne as it claims to target pimples and clear skin within a span of  three days, how cool is that ! Right .?  curious like always I did try and took the straight 3 day claim  challenge , lets see how it actually worked ..


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Hey my loves!!  I am hosting a fun giveaway for all makeup lovers . As you all how much i love makeup therefore i decided to give one of the lucky winner makeup products which i personally like. This giveaway is  just a way to express my love towards my pretty followers,therefore i will be hosting giveaways more often ❤ , Read below to find out the products and rules for entering !



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fushia by Vkare Radiance berry blend face mask and anti blemish serum review and overall verdict

In order to achieve a dreamy skin its vital to choose suitable skin care products as right choice can turn your skin healthy  and radiant in the long run.  I really want to emphasize here that nothing beats nature friendly products for skin, I am a hardcore lover of skin care products which are chemical free. Fuschia by Vkare is a well known organic skin care brand which makes nature friendly products for all skin types. I recently got  my hands on  two products from their range one is a face mask known as radiance berry blend mask while the other one is an anti blemish serum  , I have been using these products for past 2 weeks  lets see how they worked for  me.


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